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Robert Kennedy: We Have Been Through This Before

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

"Darkness is revealing itself by its own actions.

With God’s help and our fidelity, it will die by its own hand."

My morning conversation with Richard was cut short, and I was directed to contact Robert Kennedy.

Ann: “Of my own self I can do nothing.”

Bobby: Just what I was saying, thank you for receiving. I have been trying to get your attention recently, but you are afraid you are too connected to me and have been blocking my input. You may want to look up the above quote for the context.

King James Bible “I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.” John 5:3

Bobby: Yes, Ann, these are the words you must take to heart. No one said it would be easy. Physical limitations are always difficult but doubly so when we don’t know the cause. I learned of this at my brother’s side as he was never completely well. So connected were we that I could actually feel his pain, but for both of us the mission took precedence.

So I would encourage you to compartmentalize this matter, do what you can, then putting it aside to focus on what you came here to do.

I know you cannot remember the details of your mission, but in your innermost being there is a computer chip with all of the information safely stored. When you feel yourself moving along with purpose and direction, then you will know you are in sync with the mission. This is all that matters now, your mission here on this planet.

Ann: Bobby, you went down at a critical time and left us without a leader. No one really came to fill your place, and Nixon and his goons held sway for a long time.

Bobby: Yes, they did, Ann, and the world was treated to a spectacle of abuse of power never before seen up front and out loud in this country. That is not to say that there were no such shenanigans going on in prior times, just that Nixon’s stupidity and arrogance allowed his crimes to come to light.

Where do you think we would be now if we did not have that example before us? Granted this president’s actions are more egregious in every way, but we have still with us an example of how to pedal our way out of a conscienceless grab for power. My death was in some small part a necessary precursor to the revelation of that abuse of power behind the scenes.

Ann, it had been going on for years but, with Nixon, once it was on tape for everyone to hear, there was no denying it. This time the corruption is back on steroids, and if we do not stop it, next time it will be exponentially worse.

In this recent iteration of these recurring themes, this president has not only coopted his cabinet, advisors, and the Congress, he has behind him a movement that has been lurking in this country since its inception. The unrepentant slaughter of the Native Americans, slavery, Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan were the ancestors in hate to the movement that Trump has unleased today.

Notice I do not say created but unleased. What he has done for us is to force us to look at the behaviors we have hidden and denied behind the prosperity of the ruling class.

A bright light is now shining upon our democracy and in our hearts. Many say that we may lose/that light, and that is true. What is truer still is that it was already being murdered behind the scenes.

Now we are forced to look at the actions taking place and cannot convince ourselves that all is well by becoming willfully blind. Now we have more than an audio tape, we have actual murder on national television. We have the passing of an icon in Ruth Bader Ginsburg to show us the contrast of a hero with integrity and power against a would-be oligarch spiraling out of control and taking, in front of God and everybody, a good part of the country and its elected leaders with him. Denial is no longer an option.

My murder contributed in part to the revelation of the bigger crimes taking place in the White House at that time, that is, the attempted murder of our system of government. Today that period of history is held up before the country and its leaders and an example of how to move through such a crisis by confronting it head on.

Today the entire presidential party has become complicit in the criminal conspiracy, but they are being revealed before our eyes as what they are as travesty after travesty is uncovered in a compelling and seemingly never-ending procession of abuse, murder, corruption, and greed.

We cannot pretend we do not see it, for our eyes and our hearts have been opened. Now we must choose to allow or end it. Tragedy, failure of leadership, either by assassination or empowerment, has shown us who we are throughout our history.

It remains for us to decide who we want to be, a converted democracy taking in the poor and defenseless as a part of our family or a corrupt oligarchy inevitably bound for the dustbin of history in a scourge of violence and rebellion.

Darkness is revealing itself by its own actions. With God’s help and our fidelity, it will die by its own hand.

September 28, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David
Sep 30, 2020

So after reading Robins post about looking for messages in our dreams, I woke last night with a clear message about God. The phrase with “Gods help” was envisioned as us riding the highest vibrational wave. That was Gods help. Interesting .

thank you Robert or Robin for that answer.


Sep 30, 2020

Thanks, Amy, interesting take.


Amy David
Amy David
Sep 30, 2020

I guess I don’t understand the line, “with God’s help“... with free will, can God really help us? I guess at times, I feel like everyone is powerless. God. Angels. People. Only the dark has power.

it doesn’t seem like your kind angels ever clarify for us, but I wish they would Sometimes.

i think when I start thinking about God as a vibrational force and that there are many types of forces in the universe then I can see how we as a people can influence world events. I think the personification of God confuses me sometimes.

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