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Abraham, Martin, and Harriet

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Harriet Tubman came to Anita* to offer the following to us via the blog.

Harriet: We come heah, the three of us, because we know what hardship is. We know what oppression is, and we know what heroism is. Oh, not that heroism they talks about with me and the underground railway. Let me tell you, chile, that comes off way better in the tellin’ than it did in the livin’. It was just plain ole dirty, dark, and bowel loosenin' terrifying. We just did what we had to do, weren’t no heroes there.

And these boys here did the same. Neither one of them asked for it, but they got shoved into the thick of it in a way neither one of them could have imagined, and that’s what’s happening to you folks right now.

It don’t matter what pain and sorrow is visited on you, no one needs to be a hero. You jes asked to be who you intended to be. Jes look to what’s in front of you, and then get up the next day and do it again. And I don’t want to hear no bellyaching ‘bout how you want back the life you had cause that ain’t the life you got.

Listen up to these boys. They did what they had to do, neither one of them was plannin’ on bein’ shot. They knew it could happen, they weren’t stupid, and they was afraid, but they didn’t think about it much, they jes kept goin’ because it was clear what was being asked and what had to be done.

I’m askin' each one of you just to do what has to be done. So what if you cain’t see all the way down the road. Jes keep doin what has to be done.

Abraham: Harriet always puts her finger right on it. No drama, no speeches, no fancifying what is just plain old hard work. The crushing layers of grief that some of you will suffer, the isolation that this plague visits on family’s, friends, and neighbors sucks the life blood out of you because it threatens the connection we each have with one another. I understand. I know.

But what I’m hoping is that when we are forced to sit down and think, maybe we will think about our neighbor, be they on our “side” or not, and think about what they need, how they may be suffering, how maybe we can help, one neighbor to another, one God holding us both in His arms.

I was brought low many times to see and feel the suffering of all that went on around me. Sometimes, Lord, I could barely crawl. What kept me going was doing what had to be done. I was the President, and the President had things to do, things nobody else could do, and I could not let grief blind me to what could be done to help.

It wasn’t ego. That was something I gloried in in my younger days, givin' speeches, makin' jokes, makin' people laugh and listen. But by the time I got to the end, there weren’t much ego left, I was just following where I was led, doing what had to be done from where I was sitting.

I went to my Maker with tears coursing down my cheeks for the sorrow that had engulfed our nation which I had been unable to forestall. And that very Maker said to me that we all need to keep going, and it will come out alright in the long run.

You folks today are going blind into a dust storm, you can’t see to the other side or even three feet in front of you. But you can see your neighbor’s need, you can see your friends hurt and needy, and you can offer to lend a hand to do what needs to be done.

Martin: Oh Lord, I am blessed to be here with the towering figures of these two who kept the faith, who kept their focus where it needed to be, on the Lord, on the Cross and on the needs of those whose hearts were bleeding.

These two came with me in my life, sometimes I heard their voices comforting, encouraging, and pushing me on. Sometimes I just felt them near. Lord, I did not want that path, I begged to have that cup taken from me, but never did they waver as they marched by my side and just picked me up when I fell down.

Jesus Christ our Lord suffered more than any of us, and yet he carried on. He was a man chosen but still a man. Each of you have been chosen. Look inside your hearts, look into the deepest of the mission that you have been given, however great or small it may be, and take up that cross, that mantle, the hand of Allah, the breath of Buddha.

Claim the blessings of Great Spirit to help you move forward on your quest, for that is what it is. You travel blind, and that is the only way to travel these days, for only your Creator knows the road, the challenges, the pitfalls, and the rewards. We can travel blind because we trust in that guidance, for His is the only light we need, and, by that light, we will see what needs to be done.

April 8, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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