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Albert Einstein: Black Holes - Near And Far

Updated: May 15, 2022

The first-ever image of Sagittarius A*,

the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.*

Ann: Jesus, Merlin, is this really Professor Einstein?

Jesus: Yes, indeed.

Merlin: He is coming in with what the world needs to learn about “magic,” that it is real.

Ann: Professor Einstein, you have something to say to us?

Professor Einstein: Yes, Ann, I do. I come today because of the release of the composite picture of the black hole powering our galaxy. Yes, I say powering because there needs to be gravitational pull to hold any endeavour, any system together. For our galaxy, it is the black hole that offers the Milky Way substance and form. For the human system it is the ego.

Though wildly different in size, they share many traits, not the least of which is the balance with which they operate inside their own system. Too much of a black hole will swallow everything in its orbit until it too become an object of destruction.

Though it may not have been posited at this point in time, even black holes can become victims of their own grab for power. What will happen in the end is that there will be nothing left to feed the enormous gravitational abyss, and the black hole will gradually die for lack of nourishment. Sooner or later, elements within its gravitational pull will adhere to each other, make an escape from the weakened shell, and begin the creative saga all over again.

The human system, from the development of the individual human ego to the collective trajectory of same, follows this same route. Most individuals develop an ego system that helps them navigate societal norms in a symbiotic relationship, much as hydrogen combustion, fed by atmospheric oxygen, creates internal combustion of the internal combustion engine.

However, when the ego jumps the barriers of societal restraint, when hydrogen combustion becomes hydrogen fusion and feeds on itself without the need for oxygen, each become capable of destroying all within its orbit - including the egos of those who thought they could control the massive energy their arrogance has released.

Then, when the individual or the collective threatens its own destruction, uncaring of the consequences, as much in love with the power at their fingertips, then destruction itself, as with the runaway black hole, becomes the likely, even the desired, outcome.

Let us take this down to the situation facing those of you on the planet. When individual overly inflated egos make up the collective, destruction becomes a real possibility, even a likelihood. Power becomes the only relatable goal, a cannibalistic energy takes hold, and nothing can assuage the need for power except more power and more power until….

So now we get to the “until”. That is where the human race still has a choice, and it is my belief from all that I have seen from my wider perspective in spirit form, that the “until” will raise its gallant head and stop the collective egoic destruction of the world that is currently in train.

Consider a small crack of light entering a darkened room. There is no comparison between the before and the after. What was covered by darkness is now visible.

Similarly, when light of our Creator’s love manages to pierce the sealed vacuum of the runaway ego, then arises a niggling doubt that it has set itself on a course that gains it nothing, that it has emptied out its central core and left it as barren as the darkest black hole. Then arises a hunger for something else, something real.

This is what is happening now. The light of an infinite number of angels, guides, and celestial citizens has reached a growing number of the earth’s inhabitants, and the light reflecting from these souls is creating a crack in what had been what heretofore had been the impermeable shell of the rampaging collective ego.

Each of you shining a light, no matter how faint, is contributing to this mission. You bring light into darkness, flicker by torch by flame, until a glorious bonfire is built which holds every endeavour up to the truth of its origins for all to see so that they can choose wherein lies the desirable path.

You have more help than you know. While the cosmos moves in a pulsing rhythm, its creative force is expansion. Only destruction that leads to eventual expansion will endure as a potent force in the ongoing course of God’s great creation.

I ask you to have faith. The laws of science, of the cosmos, of the Creative Force itself are with you. Hold on to the light coming through even the smallest crack because this is the most powerful weapon of the Creative Force. This is what will turn a dark room into a visible space where each element can be identified.

A single ray of light is as powerful as a billion suns. Have faith and allow yourself to send your light through any crack you can find, for this is how we survive the forces of destruction.

May 13, 2022

*"Today, more than three years after the release of the first-ever image of a black hole, scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) shared an image of Sagittarius A* (pronounced A-star) — the supermassive specimen sitting at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy." Quanta Magazine, Black Hole Image Reveals the Beast Inside the Milky Way’s Heart, Jonathan O'Callaghan, May 12, 2022.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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I have reread Professor Einstein's words several times....deep and thought provoking. I land on his final words to take with me:

A single ray of light is as powerful as a billion suns. Have faith and allow yourself to send your light through any crack you can find. This is how we survive the forces of destruction.

Yes, this is truly how we survive the dark.

Much thanks to you, Ann, for the connection to him and for sharing with us.

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