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Ann's True Confessions: I Got Bobby Kennedy Confused With Winston Churchill

Yesterday I ran off the track, shoved by the spectacle of our Congress voting not even to discuss voting rights - some irony there, you think?

So I asked my friends out there for help, and Richard Burton, John McCain, and Bobby Kennedy weighed in. But I was going so fast I didn't hear when Bobby's voice changed, and I was in fact channeling someone else. However, it didn't quite sound like Bobby so I sent it off to Anita Sacco* for her take. "Yep," she said, "doesn't sound like Bobby, can't feel his energy, good message though."

So I slowed down and asked first Bobby, then Richard for clarification. It was Winston Churchill. Here are the conversations that got me there, Mr. Churchill to follow.

Richard Burton, June 23, 22021

Ann: Richard, I mistook Bobby for the Prime Minister.

Richard: Yes, love, you did indeed, just a little fine tuning in order now. Your spontaneity, the quickness of your gift allows almost instant recall messages, but when your reception is not tempered by some sort of ritual, it can run you off the rails. You did not, I repeat, did not, let dark energy in. You called on me and I stayed with you in that and the other channelings last night, for you were off balance in your fear and sorrow for what is happening to your country.

Your passion is not misplaced but must be a bit more carefully “channeled” so that, without losing the immediacy of the message, you take unto yourself the protections that have been afforded you. Habit, I know, is a challenge for you, but this will improve because you are expanding. You feel my presence and that of others now beside you, my energy on your right temple. This is what you will carry with you more consistently in your daily life and which, with our increasing presence around you, will help to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Go back now and with our presence around you speak more clearly to Bobby and let him introduce you to the Prime Minister. I myself couldn’t stand him though I admired his focus. Without it we would have been in a different world. Thank God we didn’t let that focus completely contaminate that which he had preserved.

Robert Kennedy, June 23, 2021

Ann: OK, starting again. Bobby?

Bobby: Yes, Ann, for god’s sake stay with me before haring off into the wilds, you never know who is out there. In this case, nothing harmful, yet provenance is important, critical to the message.

Winston Churchill is an old battler and has much to offer, not just in the way of military tactics and vision, but also from the wisdom he has gained as he has been forced to endure, as have we all, an unsparing view of the choices he made.

I have made my peace with him as he has with me. I fought to end the Vietnam war. He advocated for the entry of Britain into the Second World War and aggressively prosecuted same, and yet we have come to understanding of sorts of what is tolerable and what is not.

This country is not yet on the brink of war, but we have at stake those fundamental principles that provide bright lines that must not be crossed, and some in our government have crossed them. Still, we have avenues of redress short of turning our hand against each other.

We have laws and a justice system still in place, both of which are grinding away with all deliberate speed. We have people in many branches of government work to turn back those who would return this country to an effectual oligarchy, for that is what we have had historically to some extent in this country.

I can say that as one of the privileged few who benefited materially and politically from that system. When I and those like me saw injustice and tried to right it, we felt the power of those entrenched and invested in that system, and we are learning.

Such is also the case with Sir Winston, as he liked to be called, and he has something worthwhile to say.

Winston Churchill, June 23, 2021

Ann: Mr. Prime Minister, Sir Winston, I don’t know what to call you.

Winston Churchill: Winston is fine. Those titles, which I set such store by when I was on the planet, don’t mean anything. What counts is what lies in the human heart.

I see Bobby now and again, and appreciate his introduction. Both of us are battlers in our own fashion, and I have come to admire his singleness of purpose, similar to mine in a way apropos to the times.

We on this side have a larger vision now. We see what you cannot, and that is the great arc of time that bends inexorably toward justice and light. It is not, however, a self-perpetuating arrangement and therefore needs the energies and desires of everyone whose vision is expanding to step up to accelerate the process and avoid unnecessary detours and the inevitable tragedies that ensue.

I stand by the message you received from me. Put my name on it and put it out there as one more voice for the expanding light of consciousness.

And tell Burton, as one blowhard to another, that he was too old and jaded to play Hamlet. He’s found his true calling now.

Richard: As have you, Sir Winston, as have you.

June 23, 2021

* Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jun 24, 2021

Check this if your interested: Richard Burton's Hamlet:


Jun 24, 2021

Hope you have shed your imperialistic and colonial tendencies, Winston. I have been glued to a recently uploaded electronic version of the actual stage presentation of Hamlet by Richard in New York in 1964. What beauty... eloquence... voice.... charisma... stage presence... emotion... Too old and jaded to play Hamlet? Jealousy, thy name is Winston Churchill!

Jun 24, 2021
Replying to


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