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Randy Travis: Faith. Trust. Or are we just plain crazy?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

“Dead or alive, it don’t make no difference ‘

cause we’re all in more than one place all the time.”

“Everybody knows you can talk to dead people,” she says confidently. Well, anyway a lot of folks seem to think so, just witness the entries on this blog. But what is not so well known perhaps is that we can receive the thoughts, voices, counsel, and protection of those still living. Have you ever heard someone’s voice in your head who is nowhere near you? Usually it is someone close to you, but sometimes, when the voice and spirit is powerful, those living can project their thoughts into ours even when we have not met. This has been happening to me from a person whose voice was distinctive and powerful but who has struggled in this lifetime and is now physically impaired and cannot speak. I have been resistant – that old logic thing, i.e., how can you be in two places at once, but I kept feeling his presence and so finally gave in. This is our most recent conversation.

Ann: You rang?

Randy: Yes, I did, girl, sent you that sentimental song to get your attention and to remind you that not everything is like it seems. I been wondrin’ the last little bit about what we can do on this planet to help each other and to hear each other when we speak. So much shoutin’ and hollerin’, trying to make yourself heard so that, even if you’re the loudest person in the room, nobody can hear you ‘cause everyone else is yellin’ too.

You’ve gotten in the way of doubting what you hear, find it easier to believe a dead man can talk to you rather than a live one, but I’m here to tell you, dead or alive, it don’t make no difference cause we’re all in more than one place all the time - whatever time means which no one here can tell you anyway.

Ann: Well, you sure did chose an almighty hard path this time around.

Randy: Yes, I did, but the rewards are greater than the hardships. And then folks like yourself come along to tell me that they’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down and that’s one of those rewards. We know each other girl. We know each other. You can never lose me. I know you can hear some other folks and that you are beginning to use these voices to make a difference to those who can hear or want to listen, but our connection is why you are hearing me, why we are so comfortable together, why, if you came to see me sometime we would not need to talk.

I’m coming to you tonight to remind you of who we are, who we will be after these little lives are gone. I don’t ever want you to think you are by yourself. We are never alone, and don’t I know it after all this hoopla that I’ve been through. So listen up when you hear me calling like you have been lately. It’s real, I have something to say to you, love to send to you and a home to remind you we are living in still.

Ann: Why are you talking to me and not someone else?

Randy: I don’t know, seemed like a nice idea…. You have a sweet soul, you hear the heart in my music, and you are leaving ideas behind that have kept you holding on to the wrong things, fear, resentment, jealously. None of those things mean anything, and I like the idea that you can hear me and can write down what I say. The real reason, though, sweetheart, is that we are good buds as Anita would say. We’ve been around this block before.

Ann: Do you know about our conversations in your life here?

Randy: Yes, of course, but kind of the way you know about a dream you can’t put your finger on but it makes you smile anyway. That’s what we do for each other so I’m glad you found that song tonight, it’s what you needed to hear. Don’t you let those demons take away what you know, what you are, what we are together because we are all together in God.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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