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Golda Meir: Women's Work

"Only education will allow true assimilation on an economic front.'

Ann: Prime Minister Meir?

Mrs. Meir: Yes. I asked Anita* for this introduction because there is a need for strong women leaders to show themselves at this time and take on some of the work of righting the oppression of the unloved and defenseless. We need now more than ever to attend to what has been thought of as women’s work but which is, in fact, the most powerful of occupations, that is, the shaping of the human mind and psyche via the work of mother, teacher, nurse, and caretaker.

You may be surprised to have me focus on these professions since I, in fact, excelled in a world dominated by men, a world where, to be a woman was to be a magnet for attack and denigration. To combat this I had to be stronger, tougher, and even more relentless than my male competitors both within in my own country and on the national stage.

But I never lost my conviction that real change occurs in shaping the hearts and minds of the young. For this reason, I participated in and continued a lifelong support of the cultural system of the kibbutz, the creation of communities where each is dependent on the other, no one taking more than their own share, where the labor of each creates and carries the security of the whole. I tried to teach that sharing, communality, and generosity do not preclude a fierce defense of the homeland and, in fact, make it more effective.

I knew, however, that the foundation of our nation was born on the back of thievery, land taken by those who did not own it and given to others of the same ilk in repayment for a debt from still others who thereby never paid the price for the murder and attempted murder of an entire culture.

Odd, I always thought, that we were the ones who were banished, set apart in a foreign land which had little or no connection to the lands of our birth or the lands of our tormentors and that in the process another people were raped and murdered to make room for the Jewish outcasts of Aryan society. In other words, the Nazis culture never paid, never were held to account, and have once again arisen to show their true colors in various forms around the world.

There is no war that will stop them once a culture of hate has been instilled from their mother’s milk. Our only hope for real change is the leveling of education for each and every child in your country and mine to start with. I make common cause with the United States because in my adopted country where I resided for many years I learned to love the diversity of cultures and fear the oppression of same.

I have carried with me the perpetuation of this oppression upon the Palestinians who were displaced by the creation of the Israeli state. I made the choice for survival and defended the state though I worked all of my life for a peaceful solution to that conflict between peoples. However, I was not successful.

In this, the Western culture of aggression has much to answer for, and now the bill is coming due as the true colors and painful consequences of manifest destiny are being seen all around the world but particularly in your back yard and mine.

I come to ask you first to face the truth, the truth of Black Lives Matter and the truth of Native American slaughter and oppression just to name two of the many subservient cultures within your country.

Then to open your hearts and educational systems to acknowledge this history and to provide in the dominant culture access for these disadvantaged populations.

Only education will allow true assimilation on an economic front. and, if that is accomplished, the rest will follow in respect for the many colors of human institutions and cultures.

Thank you for allowing me to give voice to these concerns on this platform. As the world changes, opportunities arise which must be grasped as essential elements of the great transformation now available to us.

It is on the backs of strong, persistent, and resilient men and women committing themselves to “women’s work” as the foundation of our society that this transformation will be accomplished.

November 28, 2020

* Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.**Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Amy David
Amy David
Dec 02, 2020

I like how thoughtful and introspective your contributors are. Some times i feel as though they want to come forward to get something off their mind nd that it brings them peace to share it. I love it. Life may have played out a certain way and they couldn’t change certain things but they were not at peace with it. They want us to know that. It is really good to hear. Thank you for your comments here, Golda Meir.


Nov 29, 2020

I absolutely agree, Karen!


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Nov 28, 2020

It seems that strong women are stepping forward, asking to be heard!

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