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Great Spirit: The Nature of Creation

Updated: May 19, 2022

In order to see possibilities,

it is necessary to see and experience the alternative.

Ann: Jesus, Anita* says White Feather and Yggdrasil** want to say something here.

Jesus: Yes, they do. The voice of White Feather you know as he has shared the wisdom of Mother Earth in many blog posts here. Yggdrasil is the voice of Great Spirit*** and, as such, they are all related. Go ahead, open to them, a new adventure awaits you.

White Feather: Good morning, Ann, it is been my pleasure to feel your attention these last several weeks. Your new openness and trust has allowed a message from Great Sprit, Yggdrasil, the One who has no name, to come through you. This is a great honour. Do not be afraid.

Ann: OK. How can I be of help?

Great Spirit: First let me say that we go by many names and no name at all. We are the creative force in the universe, the power behind all of the thrones on the planet, all the surrounding beings and environs. That said, however, such is the respect for each and every created spirit, we will not impose a given set of rules or consequences on any one of you.

For this reason you are given the right to make your own choices. Many have said, sometimes with fist raised, "Why didn’t you do a better job? Why did you put us in a place of such cruelty and hardship, why don’t you help us?”

We do, my children, we do to the best of your abilities. We surrounded you with guides and angels, with beauty and generosity, with light and humour, and yet these were not enough. The human race determined it wanted to be God, to run the show, that it could do a better job that the original Creative Force.

We did not expect this step for all had been provided. Yes, there was pain and trauma in evolution but always in the service of an expanding and light filled direction. This was abandoned in favor of fiefdoms.

Ann: Didn’t you expect that when you created the human being with energy, curiosity, and ambition?

Great Spirit: We had hoped otherwise, but, of course, because we also created choice, choice with meaningful consequences, it was always a possibility.

Ann: Wasn’t what has happened a foregone conclusion since we humans by our nature always seem to want what we don’t have ?

Great Spirit: Yes, but because the human iteration of Spirit had and continues to have the means of learning, of returning to the fold where such creativity could be exercised in joy and in furtherance of the expanding spiral of the universe, we had hoped that experience would teach the wiser choice.

So far, for many it has not. You may think from your vantage point that therefore this experiment was a failure and a cruel and inhumane one, to use an ironical term, at that.

Ann: It's not?

Great Spirit: Imposed order is not creative. Mandated creation is neither joyful nor creative. Only when invention, desire, joy, and congress, freely chosen, come together is there enlightened creation.

Humans were created to give this concept, the idea of freely chosen congress, a whirl. It is not too late to take it on, my children, to see what amazing developments come from combining the unrestricted energies of human and Divine.

However, as your experience has shown, in order to see these possibilities and to desire them, it is necessary to see and experience the alternative, that of self-aggrandizement, the glorification of one speck of creation at the expense of the whole, and then, from this darkness, to choose to honour the cooperative essence of the creative spark.

Ann: Where did you come from?

Great Spirit: (Laughing) Ah, that is the sixty four thousand dollar question! What indeed is existence? What powers the heavens and stars, their counterparts in worlds not seen or even imagined by the human mind? What are we? Is there a “they?”

We, the Creative Energies, are a force for good. We are the power of love in all its many expressions. Source, energy, and creative power all stem from this one force. Love in this context is not a sentimental emotion, it is a powerful urge, a dynamic force, a protector and loving mentor to all its creations.

We won’t say that you should take what we are saying on faith because faith has no meaning unless it is rooted in experience. So I ask each of you to search your hearts, your minds, and, most importantly, your life experiences, for the times love has touched you, has seen you as who you are, encouraged you, and perhaps even pulled you from the fire of your own self-absorption.

This is the experience of the fundamental Creative Energy. This is The One you represent, carry at your core, and express in multiple forms in every life form you have chosen to undertake. Remember these times, these people, these spirits, these energies and these experiences, and you will find your true connection and life purpose.

We live for these connections and are here for you every millisecond of your existence. Choose us, we implore you, and claim the joy of coming home.

May 18, 2022

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia, Great Spirit Mount (formerly known as the "Haystack").jpg

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

**Yggdrasil is the mighty tree whose trunk rises at the geographical center of the Norse spiritual cosmos.

***Great Spirit. The Great Spirit" is the English translation of the name of the creator god in many Native American traditions, particularly Algonquian and Siouan tribes. Native American Legends and Stories About The Great Spirit,

All blog entries are .orks of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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