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Martin Luther King Jr.: Channel

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Anita crossed the rainbow bridge this morning and met Martin Luther King, Jr. He said he wanted to speak with me. Gandhi was there also. This is feeling incredibly surreal, so I’m not thinking about it, I’m just letting it happen. Here is what I got.

Ann: Dr. King, Anita says you want to talk to me.

Dr. King: Yes, Ann, I bless you for the gift you offer those of us who no longer have a megaphone but who still need a voice. We are gathered for the people of the earth in these darkening times. It need not be this way. There are those of us here, many of you still incarnated, and beings no longer in the earth’s atmosphere who have brilliant and blessed means of lifting up those who have ears to hear. That Trump has come to discredit the media and ordinary means of communication has pushed people to look up, to ask of themselves and of their God if there are any other avenues of more reliable communication.

And there are. Jesus Christ our Lord who served as our guide on earth still offers his wise counsel to those who would lend an ear. He has gathered with many others to send a funnel of flight to the earth, light that draws not the self-seekers but those who have already discovered that living for yourself is not a viable option, that it leads to strain and worry, heartburn and heartbreak, and, finally, isolation and death. Those who claim their place in the mosaic of beings will find relief for the soul, rest for the mind, and companionship of the eternal. Lift your eyes to these words, to the music that comes from these heavenly angels from the Creator himself who seeks nothing more than your salvation.

I walked the earth in an imperfect form, I moved at the direction of God and I strayed off the path as all must who live in mortal clothing. I ask nothing more of you than that you lift your eyes, claim your sins and shortcomings, and give them to the eternal where they will disappear into the ether, for the only element of substance is the love that fuels creation.

Feel it my children! Give your hearts over to nothing less than this radiant and almighty love, make that love the guiding force in everything you do. That is the standard against which any action, any impulse, and any wayward thought must be judged. Feel your heart expand, feel God hold you in the cradle of his arms, and let yourself offer to others what you have received. No child will be lift behind then, not action can be taken which will harm another, and each spirit will be honored for its own contribution.

This takes trust. Faith is not enough, for faith is blind. Trust is derived from experience, and this our Lord has offered to each and every one of us. When we move into darkness as each of us must, we take with us our trust in the Lord, our memory of the times His hands have held us, and our confidence in the light our Creator has forever lodged in our hearts.

This is the army that Harriet Tubman now commands. Come all who hunger and thirst for righteousness and move onto those underground railways from darkness into light. The power of the little goblins who dance in darkness will find themselves swallowed up into this light. It is for each one of you to light your own candle, and then the darkness will not hold. Such is the mighty power of the Lord.

October 5, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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