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Martin Luther King, Jr.: Stick To Love

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

“I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Kano, Reversed to Ehwaz

Ann: Dr. King, I read the above quote on Jon Katz’s blog, Bedlam Farm Journal. Was there something you wanted to say?

Dr. King: Yes, Ann, I do. Hatred is the fuel of division and disaster. We can travel through this world with our eyes focused, our feet following where we have directed our gaze. But if we do, when we look down, we allow ourselves to be consumed by jealousy, hate, and controversy, and there is where our heart lies also.

Even in these difficult times, even in the midst of personal tragedy, even in the throes of illness or death, raise your gaze, lift it to the heavens from whence cometh your strength, for your strength, your love, and your very being comes from the Lord who loves you, from the Creator of that channel of light that made a universe from the tiniest spark of an ember, a world that He still holds in the palm of his hands, a world that continues to evolve in competing ways, from light to dark and back again, each pushing the other to move in one way or the other, forward or back, outward or collapsing inward in self-destruction and squalor.

That darkness has its usefulness. It is a catalyst and a means of revelation. There has to be dark so that light can be seen. Use it, children, to throw a shadow on the wall, then walk toward the light.

We know who we are; we know we carry light and dark together within our souls, and we know that where we put our treasure there too our souls will find their resting place. Let yours be with the God of your fathers, the God who told us to love one another even as he has loved each and every one of us, and let your soul find rest in God’s forgiveness and understanding.

I have not come here to preach, though preaching was my way. I come here to share with you the knowledge that I have gained, that each and every one of us is a beloved child of a Creator who sees our faults and shortcomings and looks past them into the soul of the beings He created in his likeness.

This is what I am asking you to do, find another altitude and live your life on a plane that shines with the light of your Creator’s blessings. Lift your gaze to see what God created for you, and let the petty and foolish forces of hatred wither and die without nourishment.

Love is the language of God, His essence and our well-being. Oh my children, if I could adequately explain to you the wellness in this universe, the visions of our Creator and His creation as it evolves and expands, you would leap to choose the light. But we are asked to choose when our vision is imperfect, we are asked to trust in the perfect love of God for His imperfect creations and to extend that love to ourselves and others as we leave hatred behind, allow our burdens to lift, secure in the knowledge that our homecoming will be there for us when we arrive.

Ann: I asked the runes for additional clarification and pulled first Kano Reversed, the darkened torch which led then to the second rune, Ehwaz, Movement, two Horses signifying illumination on a new path if we will travel together.

April 19, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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