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Martin Luther King, Jr.: Why me?

Ann: Dr. King, I can still hear your voice and have all day. I do not understand why you are choosing to speak with me. I have no great circulation, have not done really anything for your cause, and am an ordinary, self-protective mortal. Why are you gracing me with your presence? It stops my heart and leaves me shaken.

Dr. King: Well, first of all, it is gratifying to know that you can hear and recognize my voice. As to why you, God looks after all his children and asks those of us who have passed to do the same. But I understand what you are saying. Why can you hear me and others cannot?

A: Yes.

Dr. King: I can reach you because you have decided to open your spirit to those of us who are reaching out to help those now living to avert catastrophe on earth. That boat is sailing perilously close to the falls, and every effort must be made to turn it around. It is still possible, but we need all hands on deck, and you are one of those hands.

I concur that you are not special in that each and every one of us has an immortal soul that yearns for reconciliation and reunion with our Creator. Until that reunion is accomplished, our lives are in limbo and we will feel adrift and unsatisfied.

Your searching has led you to open up to these messages because you have heard them before, you have preached them before, and you have been pilloried and tormented for daring to so preach, and this accounts for the feelings of dread that sometimes accompany these sessions.

I understand this all too well, but it is not important. I knew I would be killed. I feared it, but it was just a matter of when. Too many earthly kingdoms were threatened by my work, by my presence, and by the vast numbers of downtrodden folks who were finding their voices through me. As it turned out, I was just one more rock thrown into the stream and after me many others followed until the tide of white supremacy was diverted. Notice I do not say that it was stemmed. It was diverted and only that for a pitifully short period of time.

Obama brought out the fear and revulsion that had merely gone underground with my movement and many others. Now we are approaching full flood and again need to throw rocks in that stream not simply to divert it this time but to change its course for good.

It can be done. Every outrageous lie that is told before a credulous public serves to highlight what we will lose if we let this abomination of hatred and violence continue. If voices can be silenced, if elections can be fixed, people can and will be enslaved.

I did not come here to preach though that may seem like what I am doing. I came here to incite, to encourage, and to move those hearts that are still waiting for a signal and those souls still sitting on the sidelines to pick up their beds and walk down whatever street lies before them in the cause of righteousness. We can do this if we move together with the one desire that peace, forgiveness, and hope will lodge in every heart on this planet, that brother will give of his own to another, and that sister will shelter not only her own but every weary traveler that passes by her door.

It may seem like a radical and unrealistic vision, but this time no half measures will serve. I pray that each and every one of you will trust in our Creator to guide us in heaven’s way and that we will carry ourselves as the living embodiments of Jesus Christ, our Savior and friend. He will not forsake us. We must not turn our backs on Him.

December 21, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Lisa Altenau
Lisa Altenau
Dec 22, 2019

Thank you Dr. King for your kind and measured words. I deeply appreciate your desire to assist and direct us through this very challenging time, and I thank you Ann for putting aside your fears to listen and record. We all need each other right now, and we must continue to have “the courage from which to speak, for those who speak no more”.

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