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Mary Magdalene: What Is True Will Triumph

The light that you carry is the tip of an inconceivably huge iceberg. 


Ann: Miriam?


Mary Magdalene: Oh yes and delighted I am to be reconnecting with you.  I come to you today because of the rise in anxiety I feel in and amongst you and your compatriots, those light workers whose steadfast path has taken them to mountainous terrain and perilous descents. 

          We were not all born in a valley, you know.  We came in to face a variety of different circumstances, some ostensibly more difficult than others but, with the veil of memory hidden from the earthbound mortal, it is hard to judge accurately. 

What you must do is connect in this moment at this point in time with your highest realm, your highest aim and your highest guides.  As you do so, even a descent may reveal secrets of joy and laughter to you.

          As you can imagine, in the time that I traveled with Jesus, much was uncertain and dark.  Many resented the light that he brought into the world hoping to redirect its course.  But, nevertheless, redirect it he did, however futile his cause may have seemed at the time.

          No matter that even today some corrupted his message for their own ends, still it lives and, though it may not seem like it, flourishes. it is the darkness that light shines its brightest. See this, my loves and know that the certainty of the journey is assured.

          The light that you carry is the tip of an inconceivably huge iceberg.  The planet is an obstacle course, yes, and cruel and disappointing in its apparent anointing of the those whose light has been dimmed or completely extinguished.  Yet these examples serve to make our own struggle more important as we see what surrender to that darkness can engender.  We see and do otherwise as most of you are doing.

          And yes, you are anxious, finding it hard to have faith that this planet ruled in so many aspects by might makes right can long endure the increasingly severe assaults on its structure.  The answer is that we will endure because we will adapt and only those who have worked at adapting their own light to shine on whatever darkness has entered their own lives will find this to be the natural solution to the ills of the current trajectory.

          We do what we can and have faith that that will carry the day.  No matter that we cannot see the end result.  What is true endures though it may appear to perish.  The arc of history is long as I can attest.  I was nothing according to those who ruled the day – even those in whom I reposed trust as fellow travelers in jesus wake.  What is apparent now is not what will be.  Have faith, follow and you will reap the rewards in your own heart and cast them before you wherever you go.

March 11, 2024

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 

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It's 3:03 a.m. on March 15....thank you for these words, this message. To all of you who communicate with Ann....profound thanks are not enough.

Please continue to watch over Dulci and to watch over me as her protector.

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