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Mister Rogers: Being You

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Children are our teachers just as we are their guides.

Ann: Mister Rogers?

Mister Rogers: Fred, Ann, Fred, we are all workers in the field no matter our station in life. You can hear my voice?

Ann: Kinda, mostly. Not perfect.

Fred: How’s this? Sometimes it takes a little adjustment.

Ann: Better. It is still a little confused.

Fred: (Smiling) Well, we are all a little confused. We come to the planet confused because we had a plan before we arrived which we can no longer remember. And yet, in spite of that limitation, many are pushing on to clearer communication and broader spiritual vision, and more and more are choosing this path.

This is what we have been waiting for. This is what I worked for all my life, that is, the recognition of spiritual truth as the foundation of everything we see and experience.

Children are our special envoys in this regard and are often ahead of adults in receiving God's messages. Their connection to the larger universe is naturally porous and often their memory is fluid so that, in their early years, some can move back and forth between worlds. This is particularly true when that connection is accepted and ratified by the adults around them.

In this respect children are our teachers just as we are their guides. If we listen carefully to the questions they ask, and not just with their words, we can help them tap into their own spiritual helpers because they see that we are not afraid of our own.

With their example before us, we can become more confident in our own connections, particularly so as we age if we are willing to spend the time to receive. There are many ways for us to enhance our spiritual abilities, and each person will have their own. I found that prayer, routine, and constant awareness of all that I had been given by so many in my life helped keep me centered for much of the time.

But not all the time. The dips and curves are also our teachers so that, when we come back to awareness, we are even more ourselves. For that is all that God wants for you, to be yourself, the splendid being that he created, not just in his own image but in yours also as a special and unique example of His love.

Treasure your life, its uniqueness, its challenges, and its blessings, for there is not another life like it in the whole world. You give a precious gift to God and his creations when you allow that being to flourish, as He has intended, by being you.

March 19, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Mar 21, 2021

Such wise and kind words, whoa! So much integrating of all aspects while here on Earth! This brings it all home, as we always hear that you are Enough as you are, but we always need to be reminded, as we always forget it along the way--and now to hear that you are a PRECIOUS GIFT as you are! Thank you Fred, that just may stick!


Mar 19, 2021

Beautiful....Thank you!

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