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Mister Rogers Is Still With Us

"This is not the time to despair, for kindness is winning."

Ann: Fred, I have been feeling you hovering - a very nice experience – and Anita* says you have something to say – not to mention Archangel Michael who I think may have cut in front of you.

Fred Rogers: Yes, Ann I have been hovering, and indeed it is a very pleasant activity. And never worry about “cutting”. Usually the right person gets to the right place at the right time.

Ann: You can say that in the age of Trump?

Fred: Oh yes. Especially in the age of Trump. How many of you have committed to some project or some activity to counter the meanness that Trump brings into this world every day? Nothing less that unalleviated and relentless aversion to the light could bring out such a profusion of kindness. We notice more what we say, how we affect others. We make a point of learning to live in ways antithetical to the clearly duplicitous and narcissistic lifestyle of our chief executive.

Without undue modesty, I would point to my “revival” of sorts as a case in point. Certainly nothing I did was very spectacular. But it was relentless. Relentless in its focus on how to teach ourselves to be the kind of people we would want to meet. And every moment that we come to be that type of person is a moment that someone else is blessed and influenced to do the same. It’s revolution and not just a quiet one, and it is going on now.

I want to remind you that many people like you, like your children are learning from you, are learning to embody a spacious place on earth that welcomes others with gladness and delight in discovering the sameness and differences among the human family. Look around you and take note of every listening voice, every voice that pauses, every voice that does not push on with its own story because it is too fascinated with hearing yours. Feel the world opening up around you as this happens, and rejoice in the name of your children and their children’s children’s future.

Ann: Yes, true, I can feel that and see those people in my life, but plenty of others are taking the alternate route.

Fred: Yes, but this is not where we want to focus our attention. Angry voices will always be with us, and sometimes when they become more than voices, they will need to be constrained. For our part, however, let us just put our gaze on that which feeds the love inside us - and every once in a while some of those supposedly dark souls will change their ways when they realize that misery does not need to be their lot in life, that they too can hare the bounty of appreciation and gratitude for the many who have reached out a hand in one way or another to soften their path, who find blessed surrender available for the first time to the Holy Father who created them in His own image.

This is not the time to despair, for kindness is winning. Just take its face out in front of yours every time you move, and you will feel its power in the one on one communication of holy love. No dark force can stand against this as long as we keep our eyes on our Creator and his never-ending love for us.

February 28, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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