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MLK and Mary Magdalene: We Have Much To Celebrate

We are on a continuum, and, though it may not seem like it,

light is indeed returning.

Ann: Miriam? I think I hear Dr. King, not sure what to do first.

Mary Magdalene: Speak with Dr. King. It is a day of commemoration and commitment. I also want to hear his message.

Ann: Dr. King, you must be really busy.

Martin Luther King,Jr.: Yes, Ann, but oddly enough no busier than usual. You felt me in your session with Vicki as did all who gathered there. We are on a continuum, and, though it may not seem like it, light is indeed returning.

We have gathered many a time to commemorate the fallen, to ask that those who have gone before be honored by the actions of those who follow. Our heritage is long and mighty. It stretches back through the eons of history and reaches out to civilizations beyond our understanding, for light and dark are not limited to this dimension.

The fundamental purpose of those in light is to reinforce the mutual respect and commitment among the community of souls as they stand in solidarity when darkness seeks to encroach on sacred territory.

Our only enemy is fear, for fear issues an engraved invitation to dark energies that want to turn back the tide of history. But mighty is the river, my friends, and stalwart are the pilgrims who navigate its raging currents and take their rest in its peaceful eddies. Courage turns back fear.

I will leave you with the understanding that the societal traumas of slavery and oppression are periodically revisited, sometimes in frightening contexts, yet light exposes the weak underbelly of those who would follow these false gods. No longer can dark gather in corners, under cover of night, or behind masks of anonymity.

It will not hold. That is what I ask you to remember when it appears that darkness is gaining the upper hand. Today we witness the emptiness revealed when evil is laid bare and celebrate the joy of those who have chosen in spiritual communion.

Our vision is clear. We have come too far to falter now, and we shall not fail.


Ann: Thanks, Miriam, you were right, we needed to hear this.

Miriam: Yes, an important reminder for all of us. In this winter season of darkness it is easy to forget that such is simply a time of retreat as we prepare and wait for the growth that is to come, but so it is. As Dr. King says, we must look to our history for faith and trust, for, indeed, spring has always come, on the planet, yes, but also and always in the hearts and souls of those who worship the light.

Now is the time for retreat, reflection, but never surrender unless that surrender is to our Father Great Spirit and our Mother Yggdrasil, the creative forces that bids us lay down our arms and join in the celebration of the community of souls to which Dr. King refers.

Our attention is focused on the light however faint it may be at times, the spark which nourishes us through a cold winter and promises and delivers renewal for body and soul. This we can count on, on this we must focus our attention, for we co-create with Spirit that which we hold in our hearts.

In this season of winter, banish fear, treasure quiet time to reconnect with your spiritual origins, and renew the promises you made when you came to the planet for your current incarnation. Rediscover your purpose and smile to see it unfold before you.

January 17, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Larisa-K.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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1 Comment

Janice Powers
Janice Powers
Feb 02, 2022

Thank you. This was an important message to hear right now.

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