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MLK Jr On A Terrible, Awful,No Good, Very Bad Day

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

A highly intuitive friend of mine had a difficult time at her day job working for a big corporation and asked for a reading. With her permission, I am posting it here because many of you who read this blog have significant intuitive talents and may have run into similar challenges. Martin Luther King Jr came to offer his counsel. It was intense - at least for the reader, see next post.

Ann: Dr. King, would you be able to help my friend with understanding the difficult day she had today.

Martin Luther King, Jr: Yes, Ann, I will. I have been in some distress to see your friend second guess her talent and her mission on this planet. It is by hard work, perseverance, luck, and trans-supported travel that she has come to this planet to experience the life of a seer living an everyday, and by that I mean conflicted and dysfunctional, existence. Today she got another taste of the cross currents that can beset a soul with one aspiration who is functioning with incomplete earthly consciousness on another. It always comes as a shock, doesn’t it, to find yourself surrounded by Philistines whom you had barely noticed because they do not resonate at your frequency level?

It is not easy being green as Kermit said - or black as I can tell you. Or carrying a crown chakra so open that it sometimes flops over and covers your eyes. It is shock to return to the world and look with surprise on where you have been travelling. Much like an automobile driver who finds himself at a destination with no memory of the trip, your type of open consciousness fights to hold both earthly and celestial frequencies in concert with one another.

But keep in mind that your work in the world is not a side show. We cannot help until we can communicate with those around us who do not hear what we hear. No amount of translation will suffice unless the language we learn to speak is something that can be understood to be the language of all of us. We must speak to the heart in everyone of us, to the failings that all of us share, and to the aspirations we all hold but which are sometimes buried too deeply to be brought to awareness but which are nevertheless asking for our agency to do just that.

Though sometimes excruciating, your present time in what may feel like purgatory on this planet is teaching you the language of transition, the listening skills that make your daily grind not just a place for marking time but a laboratory for testing your skills against the superimposed opaque consciousness of the corporate establishment. And you are succeeding better than you know. Each time you look in a person’s eyes and let them see what you see, whether it registers consciously or not, you are achieving the transformational work that you came here to further.

No, you are not on a mountain top delivering words to be handed down through the ages. You are entering one soul at a time when an invitation is offered. Each of us has their purpose. Mine was to walk out on that mountain top for all to see, to incite those who feared the love of God and as has happened times out of mind, to allow them to destroy the one that came to help them see. Each time that happens, consciousness rises and vision expands.

This is not your role in this life. Yours is a one on one ministry. Do not doubt it, particularly when faced with the challenges of spite and jealousy that cast their poisonous darts at you today. Look in the eyes of these people whenever you can, and let them see your connection to the creational love of the universe. Find a way to laugh with them, to enter into life’s tribulations and unexpected humor and see if you can find common cause and let yourself be healed even as you offer healing.

You are not looking at martyrdom, you are working toward heart to heart transmission where compassion and understanding will calm any trepidation that your dimly remembered history may have engendered. Whether received or not, when you look into the heart of one who struggles, even in the most antithetical way, you will be moved to understanding and compassion, and fear will have no place in your life.

I know this to be true because when understanding takes the place of fear, judgement recedes and a welcome mat for the souls of the disaffected will be put out on your front door, and your soul will be safe within your welcoming home.

March 6, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Maureen Kelly
Maureen Kelly
Mar 07, 2020

My goodness that must have been intense to receive.

I’m grateful for your posting this.

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