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Muhammad Ali: Stand Up

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Anita Sacco at shared with me a message she recently received from Muhammad Ali. I, being ever the skeptic, checked in with Mr. Ali himself and, for good measure, our mentor and colleague, David Johnson, What became clear was that 1) I need to check my judgmental self at the door, and that 2) we have help, that we can help, and that spirit will be there for us when we step up to do so.

“We must not fear for the Lord our God has an army of light workers who will prevail…

We must all stand up now in this time of peril.”

Anita: The images that I began to see were those of Muhammad Ali and John Denver (another one I know very little of), but it was Muhammad Ali who pulled out from the crowd and walked over the Rainbow Bridge, all the way to where I was.

Muhammad Ali thanked me for the opportunity to speak. He said the times now in the world, especially the United States, are a true battle field of good and evil. The light and the dark. He said that what has happened at the border and to the migrants is an unforgivable offense and those responsible will be held accountable in the court of God. But, he wants us to know that these souls chose to be born and in this situation, to go through the suffering, in order to bring the light of God to the darkness that has existed.

Muhammad Ali: There are even more evil people (men and women) who are the cowards and the most dangerous who do not wish freedom and diversity for people of color. They are the people who wore the KKK hoods in my time. These people and those who believe the false information that streams through television and the internet will remain behind.

Do not lose faith, but individuals of color MUST use their power to vote to replace the politicians who are destroying your world. They must not stay home and not come forward.

Anita: Muhammad said that he would like this information to be posted on your blog Ann and if you are willing, he would like to speak with you also.

And remember he said “It is time to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!” Then he walked to the Rainbow Bridge and back to the other side. Then I was back.

So, there it is….the energy interacting with him is intense.

Ann: Mr. Ali, what would you like to say to me?

MA: Ann, your skepticism is a holy thing, for there are many pretending to offer the word of God who have no intention of furthering the cause of Allah and the Holy Spirit. I made many mistakes in my time and am tending to the resuscitation of those parts of my soul which I harmed when I was in human form, and what I bring you is from the light. I know you are wary of me because of the way I treated my children and the women in my life. That was not as it may have seemed from the outside, and those children have in fact moved on, for the most part, to carry on the word of God and Allah which is the word of peace. But you are right that I was not faithful and that I put my needs before theirs. This makes me human, not evil. I could not carry the force within me in balance with the world around me. I am working on that now and am making myself available to those of you who struggle with this also.

As part of that, I am communicating with those of you who can hear me to let you know that you are not alone, that there is an army of angels, of humans of force and power who have passed but who still stand at your backs. We must all stand up now in this time of peril. When you hear from guides who come from the light, who move you toward the light, you will know that the righteous have come to move us out of the dark spiral that is threatening. Take heed, my friends, take heed. Stand up and step out into that light. We will be here to help you.

Dave Johnson: This really resonates. Ali was coming from a background where people were being hung from trees around him. Interestingly, a peaceful warrior is coming to talk to you now. Don't hesitate to ask him how he can help us now with the particulars of our lives. This is important to achieve balance.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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