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Richard Burton: Charisma


Ann: Richard, I always come to you.

Richard Burton: Yes, love, because our connection is such that your can never lose me.  You have been thinking about charisma, what it is , who has it, and whether it is a force for good or evil,.

          Charisma is the inborn godforce.  You will be surprised to learn that everyone has it if they are inclined to recognize the quality within.  However, most see it as an outside force belonging to others, the famous, cathartic personalities that draw those whose inner world is seemingly missing a piece.

          But in reality, we are all whole.  We carry that godforce light no matter how deeply we bury its promise, but fear corals us into a corner of our own making.


Ann: And life circumstances.


Richard: Well, yes, but there are many whose internal impetus has taken them well past their natural boundaries.  Take myself as case in point.  A Welsh miner’s son.  God.  Who could have guessed… 


Ann: Did you?


Richard: No, not in the sense you mean.  I simply succumbed to the driving force within. It would not be denied, and circumstances then fell open before me. 

Some call this coincidence or serendipity, but in fact it is divine synchronicity.  Once that force is allowed to run, it is unstoppable, but it is up to us to determine how to use it. 

I am sad to say that my choices were not always wise, but they were mine, and I live with the consequences which continue to unfurl in this realm as I work to awaken godforce in you and any who are open to me.


Ann: Ok, so you make some not great choices, but you didn’t lead an entire country to hatred, division, violence, and death – like some we see unleashed today.


Richard: Yes.  My journey, my purpose, was other, but it could have taken a different direction. I was anchored by those who came before me, who struggled to see - even as I did despite the turbulent trimmings of the life I led. Shakespeare, Manley Hopkins, and others.  In all else, I was merely killing – and wasting – precious time.

Those you see whose godforce, whose power, has been converted exclusively to the service of their egos have their purpose also though it is hard to watch – and harder still to imagine the consequences of a soul’s journey to dig out of those very black holes in which they have chosen to dwell.

          Your purpose today is to find that godforce within yourself, that force that says, this is who I am, not my parents, not my circumstances, but my birthright.  No matter the present condition, it is there, waiting to be excavated and acknowledged.  And in that process, each of you will find your own charisma, the power that transforms mortal into more. 

Some will turn themselves into self-serving tyrants, others will become radiant beacons in the lives of others.  Be it bombastic or a quiet whisper, charisma is the power within each of us waiting to be claimed.  Abuse it at your peril.

May 27, 2024

Free Image Credit: Pixabay.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 


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Wow! What a great message. Thank you Ann and Richard. ♥️

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