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Richard Burton on Reconnecting in Disconnected Times

I have been doing some fairly intense intuitive work as have many of you in these challenging times and was feeling a little burnt. Anita* said I should connect with Richard every day but especially when I am feeling a little disconnected like now. So I did, and I am here to tell you that he and others like him are available to you for the asking.

Ann: Richard, kinda draggin', can you help?

Richard Burton: Absolutely! For how many years did I ask you to come to me when life was not working out for you? Somehow you always seemed to feel that I could not be trusted with the shadow side of you, with the conflicts, with the hidden desires, with the wanting to return home wherever that refuge might be, and, in the absence of a clear direction there, you simply shut down with novels, etc., or whatever was to hand.

Now I have nothing against novels - in fact, I thought I might have been the author of a cracking good mystery if I had ever put my mind to it. But, as you know, my mind was fairly well pickled, and, even when on the straight and narrow, I was always contemplating how and when I could manage to fall off the wagon. I simply did not have the fortitude to stay on a wagon that was providing so little in the way of nourishment for my soul.

You, I know, understand this very well, but now you have in your humble servant a steady source of information and, dare I say, wisdom. Not that it comes from me, love, it comes from the Source that created us all that that resides deep in our psyches. So when I say something that resonates with your heart's core, it does so because it is your heart recognizing its true self. Everyone has this resonance available at the simple turn of your head, a slight alteration in the angle of your gaze.

Ann: Yes, I get that. However, everyone says the coronavirus is meant to be and will be the source of transformative change on this planet, and I feel that same enormous truth coming at me from almost every direction. Why then do I feel exhausted instead of exhilarated?

Richard: Because, love, nothing is free. There will be a great cost to this awakening as there almost always is. The dragon at the gate needs to step aside to welcome its own destruction, and this is a very hard thing for any self-respecting dragon to do.

It’s OK to be tired, love, life is a tiring endeavour. Just keep going on to the next thing, the next insight, the next person who comes with love and honour and decency to offer to you and your readers, and on to the next person who asks for your help.

Then ask that each one do the same in his or her life – and perhaps come back here to tell us a story or two about how such wonderment has transpired.

It not only takes a village, love, we are the village. You, your readers, all of our families, friends, and colleagues. The circle is unbroken, love, and it is expanding. It takes energy and effort, but its progress is inexorable so let's not miss the ride!

March 20, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for readings at ttps://

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 opmerking

21 mrt. 2020

To state that life can be utterly EXHAUSTING is stating it mildly. Those of us (which is most) born into a life fraught with difficulties and challenges not our making know this to be true. It is always so lovely however to read Richard's communications.

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