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Richard Explains It All For Us

Note: Please see previous post before reading this one.

Ann: Richard, are you there?

Richard Burton: As ever was, love. And, yes, we need to talk.

Ann: In the previous post, I channeled someone I thought was you (shoulda known better, probably did on some level), and now I am confused. scared, and basically kind of a wreck. I have no idea what has been happening. Anita* said it wasn't you, that it seemed like some hellfire and brimstone preacher.

RB: What a tizzy you have all gotten yourselves into! Not that I can blame you, for intuitive work has such fragile boundaries that one energy can easily be mistaken for another. And no, that was not I yesterday.

However, the rune pull Kano had something important to say to you, and that is why it came in with such strong energy that it almost pulled you out of your chair and threw you down at the computer.

Ann: Yes, that was the experience. Should I be more cautious when that type of urgency is presence? How can I tell if it is urgent because it is urgent and it is something the light feels that it must get through?

Richard: Well, love, that can happen, but the first thing is to know with whom you are speaking. You knew you were not connecting with me, but the power of the transmission was such that you ignored that caution and went ahead anyway. It is not surprising, love, we can be swept up in the urgency of the time, the positioning of the elements - spiritual, astrological, and physical - that tell us that radical change is in the air, and that we must be a part of it. But note, love, that the latter is our ego speaking.

Ann: Are you talking about an apocalypse? That’s what that message yesterday almost seemed to say.

Richard: Yes, but not perhaps in the way you mean. If you mean the four horsemen of plagues are about to descend upon the planet, no, but, yes, in the sense of the earth’s evolution toward what those plagues may represent over time. Much like the giant ice age, we are turning toward a new ecology of life on this planet. It will not happen overnight or even within a hundred lifetimes, but it is happening. The world on this plant will not be the same thing at all in a thousand years, the rumblings of these major shifts are visible now, and all are affected.

Ann: Anita sees a hellfire and brimstone preacher at a pulpit giving this message. Is that right?

Richard: Oh yes, and the message is right also. If we do not make adjustments to these evolutionary changes, respectful adjustments, adjustments that are made community wide with a shared understanding of our Creator’s purpose, disasters could ensue.

I think that this is what White Feather was trying to say in Kirsten’s** channeled video. He is desperate to get us back to the earth, to our Mother, and to the Great Spirit that is our Source. The hellfire preacher is one aspect of getting that message across, i.e., the motivation of fear. That may have been a mistake, but sometimes such an image must be invoked in order to awaken us from our in unconscious slumber.

Ann: Are they the same, the preacher and White Feather?

Richard: Not as you are thinking of it, but White Feather is many energies and can morph into what he feels is necessary for the moment. He is in mourning as he watches what he believes to be the death throes of the earth, and he will use whatever comes to hand to get your attention.

He is old, eons old, he is weeping, and he is desperate. And yet he sees, he lives, and he is the solution. He was not wrong, of course, but perhaps he was travelling outside the boundaries of what is in accordance with the values he seeks to further, and thus the disruption of the energy currents in the channel he uses can sometimes occur - which is what you experienced.

What this means, love, is that you must be more vigilant. This may not be the type of energy you want to channel - certainly not without awareness and consent. Even when the message is 100% on target, the tone of the delivery much be attuned also. If one is off, the other is off. These entities can adjust if corrected. Be more careful, I will help you, we travel together.

March 15, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

**Kirsten Langston, YouTube Channel, "Third Eye Champagne." Link to relevant video, about 8 minutes in, is

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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karen mcnicol
Mar 15, 2020

Many thanks for the message from White Feather. I think it is just what we need. I grew up in Oklahoma and always see the ground there drenched in blood. I think we need these strong words to wake us up.


Maureen Kelly
Maureen Kelly
Mar 15, 2020

Wow. No wonder you were upset. The message was certainly very forceful, and was a totally different energy than Richard.

Looking forward to your next posts. Be well. Stay sane.

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