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Robert Kennedy: History Repeats Itself

We must track these dark forces to their lairs,

uproot them and expose them for who they are so that

no rational American can look upon them with anything but horror.

Ann: Bobby, why are those who have finally seen light taken from us?

Bobby: Ann, sometimes a death can do more than a life in creating change. I mourned my own death on behalf of my children, children who would either succumb to the perils of a privileged life or take up the fight and carry on as I had hoped to teach them to do. But at that time I was called to lay down my sword.

In many ways it was not a hard thing to do. It was simply a passing of the baton. But now, as you see the reemergence of those who would enslave the “lower” classes, I have come back here and elsewhere to remind myself and all of you that we have a cause worth fighting for, worth dying for.

Many of us in my generation did just that as you know. The powers behind those assassinations has never been completely excavated, and I doubt that they will be in the future so convoluted has the factual story been with fiction and legend.

The cause of those murders is unimportant now except as they serve to create a genealogy of the present white nationalist movement unleashed upon the country by Satan and his followers.

I share John McCain’s vision of what is required, that is, decapitating the snake of darkness that has slithered into power, and that is done by eliminating the leader as a political or financial force, by exposing every lie, every corrupt deal, and every treasonous connections he and his followers have made in an attempt to sell our country, its military and its unsuspecting soldiers down the river to the highest bidder and thus destroy any future for free thought and democratic government in our country.

Do not allow your elected representatives room to breathe until these great crevices have been revealed and the perpetrators brought to justice. This was never done in my day, and they were allowed to crawl back under their rocks to wait for a more auspicious time.

That time, they believe, has come. Do not allow them any room to proselytize their message of hate, mayhem, and murder, or they will take this country when we are least aware, when we think we have beat the beasts back into their corner.

We cannot just silence them. We must track them to their lairs, uproot them and expose them for who they are so that no rational American citizen can look upon them with anything but horror. We will never have a better opportunity than now when evil has stood up for all to see and aimed its weapons at us with impunity.

Now is the time to take them on. I will be with you in any way possible. Call on me whenever you feel I can be of assistance.

January 18, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

BJ Stewart
BJ Stewart
Jan 20, 2021

Wow! Bobby's message is very clear, not easy, but necessary. Tough times ahead, so let's put on the armor of God to do this.

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