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Robert Kennedy: The Coming Season

Ann: Bobby? You have something to say re the Roe repeal?

Robert Kennedy: Yes. I have been trying to reach you. Loss of equal rights for half or more of the US population is a strain upon any progressive government, but for the United States to take such a regressive step and then to underline it by prohibiting transportation across state lines and consider limiting access to contraception and birth control is a vision that I, even as cynical as I was after the assinnations of the sixties proved the lengths to which the white power economic mafia would go, could not have imagined.

We are not just backtracking, we are throwing the glove down to the forces of light which have fostered our self-governing society. Now we are asked to determine how much we care about the right to have a say in who represents us?

There is a great undercurrent that has been waiting for this moment, gathering strength finally now to overflow in rage filled rivers with absolute contempt for the mores and morals of democracy. This president was a god given opportunity for the willfully blind, and they will never forsake him, for he gives them what they crave, i.e., unrelenting darkness, blame, and “justified,” chaotic violence.

No one else has been as blatantly racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and anti-democratic. It takes a psychopath to do that, and they have one that serves their needs, the front man they can hide behind. Nevermind that he will bring them down with him – and he will go down – because in the moment he keeps them on top.

It is an old story, the haves and the have-nots vying for power, and when the have-nots get a toehold that looks to be permanent, the boom is lowered with a force not anticipated by those who thought incremental progress was the way out of servitude. Now that forces or darkness have been threatened by the growing reality of an open society and they have found a savior, it will be nothing less than war from here on out.

Our system is about to see if it can withstand such a frontal attack. For what it’s worth, my money is on the underdogs. There are more of us, and we have had a taste of freedom and actual representative government. It is one thing to keep a people relentlessly under your thumb. It is quite another for them to break free to enjoy the fruits of that freedom and then to try to force them back into the box of servitude. We will win, no doubt about it, but many will suffer in the process.

The outrageousness of the Roe opinion and the more extreme rulings promised for the future will bring them down eventually as more and more parts of society are caught in the net of autocratic restrictions. But people are hurting now and they associate that hurt with those who are currently in power, and some may therefore choose to go back to what they remember as a more prosperous time.

We have many more cycles to run before the truth of economic well-being is seen as a government that provides equal opportunity and access to power for all. When the vote is taken away - and that is the effort now underway - it will become more difficult to reverse course and that is what they are counting on.

More difficult, yes, but not impossible. The downtrodden who have seen their lives improve, their access to education, wealth, and positions of power moving in the right direction will not give up their hard won gains. We will win this war, but it will not be quick. Buckle up, as John would say, and plan to be in for the long haul.

July 19, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, pasaja1000.

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4 comentários

20 de jul. de 2022

“WHEN the vote is taken away - and that is the effort now underway…”

WHEN it’s taken away?? Wow.

Thank you Robert. I was the one (of many) who sobbed my heart out when you left. (((((((Hugs)))))))

04 de ago. de 2022
Respondendo a

"When It's taken away" was a gut punch because I still had hope that somehow this wasn't/couldn't happen, but it seems it's going to become real and then how can we ever get ourselves out of this? I pray that we can and do.


Emerald Green
Emerald Green
20 de jul. de 2022

The candor expressed in this blog and in your book Spirit Voices are priceless Ann. This message helps me understand the big picture behind all the chaos in a clear way. I feel huge gratitude for this blog. 👍💜


19 de jul. de 2022

Yikes! I am in for the long haul as long as democracy wins out in the end. 💙💙💙

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