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Robert Kennedy: The Work Goes On

"It’s not the task that is important,

it is the climb that you make time and time again."

Ann: Bobby?

Bobby: Yes, I am glad to be with you. You heard my voice ever so briefly on the television and that was sufficient for you to make the connection. You are making progress.

I too have entered a new phase of my transition. You might have thought that after all these years I would be singing with the angels, but such is not the case. Not only do I now have the voice, but I am a front lines kind of fella so that’s what I still seem to be doing.

Ann: And what exactly is that?

Bobby: I am flitting from flower to flower. I pollinate as I go and keep moving.

Ann: Meaning that you are in touch with more people?

Bobby: Yes, some on the planet some not.

Ann: Do you have loved ones that you are reunited with?

Bobby: Yes, we reunite, yes, there is joy, but there is understanding covering all that we do unlike for those of you still incarnated.

The human experiment requires oblivion, and that is a tremendous handicap. We are asked to choose light while we travel in darkness. We are asked to have faith when we cannot see. We are asked to trust that the hardship and horror that we endure has a reason and that we are still beloved children of a God who, though he has placed us in impossible circumstances, has not forsaken us.

Ann: Do you understand why this planet was set up for such impossible tasks?

Bobby: No, Ann, in spite of the ego that reputed to be mine, I have to admit that I am not God.

I am a servant. I see the bigger picture now, but I do not understand the force, the mind, the creative impetus of our Creator. I do see that if we can prevail in the Earth's challenging circumstances, we will have taken the multiverse a fair way down the road to realization of Source’s purpose even though that purpose is too great to name or to be understood by the human mind.

And so we travel blind, but we are not alone. That is what I have come to tell you, to give you a sense, a reason to believe in the eternal source power of unconditional love.

It is real, Ann. It is real. Determine to believe it, to follow it and you will find your path falling open before you in ways unimaginable to those who are cabin’d and confin'd by crippling doubt. Resolve to trust and move forward no matter the immediate consequences, and vision will be yours.

Ann: Bobby, I can’t hold a straight course for any appreciable distance. OK and steady one moment, down in the rabbit hole the next, I am thrown off by just about anything, no telling what. Even in hindsight, I sometimes don’t understand why I am back in a hole and having to climb out all over again. Keeping a steady course while blind does not even seem a possibility.

Bobby: Ann, it’s not the task that is important, it is the climb that you make time and time again so that, over and over, you come back to spiritual connection . Myself I just think of it as having the lights go out just when you least expect it and learning to find your way around the house in the dark.

What I can say it that, though you might not think so, you’re lucky to have this process repeat over and over again because eventually you will get the hang of the journey and not expect the light to shine around every corner. That’s when your surrender to Spirit will be complete, your expectations dissolve, and your willingness to travel blind will be accepted without question.

Until then, just keep the faith and call on us when you need us and, here’s the thing, also the times when you don’t. Then we will already be comrades in arms when the battle starts.

December 28, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Dec 29, 2020

Thanks, guys, love the comments!


Dec 29, 2020

I think of it as learning to ride; muscles develop each ride. And if you take time off, muscles complain. Yet the horse meets you halfway, and a relationship builds and so you are not 'blind'. You continue because of what you can learn from and with your horse. Whatever comes, you have muscle memory.


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Dec 29, 2020

Love this: "I just think of it as having the lights go out just when you least expect it and learning to find your way around the house in the dark."


Amy David
Amy David
Dec 29, 2020

Thanks so much Bobby!

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