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Robert Kennedy Wants A Word

Dr. Victoria Scerbo,* astrologer etc. extraordinaire, did an amazing reading for me several days ago. On a whim, she compared my chart with John McCain's, the connections blew my socks off, and I have been running hot ever since which yielded the below conversation with Robert Kennedy. I

Ann: Bobby?


Robert Kennedy: Thanks for the hi five with Vicki.  I have missed our chats and am touched by your deference in holding off on questions regarding to my namesake, but let me comment briefly. 

My son Bobby missed out on much growing up and has mistakenly embraced causes that are using him for purposes other than his own.  He wanted to expose my killer, disprove the institutional conclusions, but fell by the wayside there and has been looking for a cause ever since. (By the way he was on to something but that is for another day).  He has a brilliant mind but not so steady a center and has been pulled onto a side road which he has mistaken for a life mission.  You know, Ann, you don’t have to be famous to be worthwhile, and that’s all I will say about that.

          But now that I have an opening, I want to say something about the times we are living through – or you are living through and I am observing from beyond the veil but not so far in actuality.  Your particular situation is very much a microcosm of that of the larger society and planet as a whole and an evolving iteration of the issues that gripped my time. 

I venture to guess that many of your readers may have noticed atmospheric changes in their own lives. Ask yourself the following:         

1.    Have you come to a kind of crossroads, not one that necessarily demands immediate action, but that has raised the specter of radical change?

2.    Have you found yourself unsettled, looking for answers, seeing that almost nothing is in its proper place as determined by previous experience or circumstance?

3.    Do you feel a pull to cut and run?  By that I mean, leave your present life in one way or another.

4.    Have you felt your mind drifting into foggy territory, a bank of mist that promises epiphanies but never quite parts so that vision is clear?

5.    Have your dreams been unusual?  Does their message pull you but their meaning somehow just beyond your grasp?

If so, count yourselves among the fortunate who have awakened, however peripherally, to the changes in our civilization and, indeed, the world at large. These are the harbingers of change hear to clue you in. Many angel, guides and other spirits, some known to you and others less familiar are waiting to work with you in this time of transition.

We are closer that you know.  We hover, we who have passed, we who are from angelic and other worldly realms. We stand beside and behind you every hour of every day. 

Do not push into the mist.  Let it come to you, and we will be revealed as needed, but don’t forget to ask, because an inviting heart is the only requirement for our known presence.

          We gather with you in this time of change and intensity to help hold the line and expand your understanding.  It is eminently doable but not to be taken for granted, for, as in my era, some would put on the chopping block that which has been accomplished to date in order to buttress their own personal power.

Each one of you has a role to play. Listen, ask, and wait.  You will not have long to do so as this decade, like the sixties, is a crucible from which those of you who listen will emerge stronger than before. 

Each time we endure these times, there is sacrifice and suffering but also lasting change.

          Look at Joe Biden.  He struggles, he has sacrificed, he cares, and he loves this country.  He has no illusions, but he has faith that his path is guided.  Follow his lead and carry on if he falters, for he, as those who have gone before him, has shown you the way.

February 18, 2024

*Dr. Victoria Scerbo, The Seeds Of Transformation,

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.  

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