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Rules Of The Road...?

I hate rules.

OK, this is getting to me, I have to admit it. Our Glorious Leader does something more destructive every day, and lots of folks applaud. It like watching the Titanic going down with a laugh track in the background.

Does no one know what is happening? Well, of course they do because otherwise I wouldn’t know, but there doesn’t seem to be much the good guys can or will do to stop the shipwreck. Our dependence is all on the voters, but a lot of them seem to be on the laugh track.

And then just when you think it can’t get worse, every person, pundit, psychic, and psycho says that it will. O Frabjous Day.

I have heretofore coped with a large cookie or its equivalent and a glass of wine. At present I am fighting hard to keep from grabbing a mystery I have read several times before because at least then I know it will come out all right.

I can see/hear/smell all the anxiety out there, and I know that I am not alone in soaking it up even while everyone tells us that fear will just energize the opposition,

So I am turning to everyone I can think of, that is, all the beings who come on this blog, and anyone else I can locate who has been through hell and come back again.

I am a slow study, but I am finally beginning to grasp at least one thing: If I don’t figure out how to nurture peace in my own soul, it won’t matter who wins because I will have lost.

So I am trying to take Ann Albers's words to heart, to lodge Bapu’s words in my head, and please, God, limit the deadly contagion of news and the barrage of political hysteria. I have been telling myself that, even if the worst scenarios they are projecting turn out to be true, what good does my own circular anxiety do? And oddly, enough I am coming to believe it.

OK, it's time for some resolutions - something I never do because whatever I am resolving not to do becomes the very thing I absolutely cannot stay away from. But - this time I’m mad. I be damned (probably will be anyway) if I let them have a piece of my soul whether we’re going down for the count or even if we’re saving the world from mealy-mouthed, lying, wannabe dictators.

So here they are, please add your own if you are so inclined:

1. Internet news once in the morning, once at night. NO SURFING.

2. Chocolate and wine after dinner only. Ice cream and pizza washed down by diet coke are no longer on the menu for breakfast….

3. Outside in some kind of activity every day, rain, shine, or shit.

4. Talk with Spirit(s) or let them talk to me at least morning and night and try to check in whenever I can – even if I'm running in the opposite direction.

5. Listen and write for the blog when someone wonderful calls in with something to say.

Anyone out there have any other ideas or variations on same to keep us sane? Mine are works in process, we’ll see how long I last…. Come on, guys, I could use some help here.

Thanks and love,


September 1, 2020

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