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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: All Is Not Lost

St. Jude

Patron Saint of Lost Causes

I heard the following, make no claims otherwise, it's pretty much verbatim and kinda late at night for me.

Ann: You said the courts would save us.  Really doesn’t look like it.  Also, I can’t seem to pull up your name.


Ruth: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Ann: I am losing my word retrieval ability.


Ruth: Yes, you really should do some mental games and exercises.  They always helped me, also reading those authors or playwrights that challenge your mind.


Ann: How about the Enneagram?


Ruth: An excellent tool if approached with respect and attention to detail.  I think it would expand your understanding of your own mission in choosing this lifetime, and its Celtic roots and psychic origins will help you focus on its many teachings.


Ann: Ok, will do.  What about the court debacle?


Ruth: Yes, it is truly discouraging, but I stand by my statement that when push come to shove, when aided by my replacement, the fundamental rules of the republic will hold.  Specifically, the immunity issue will be decided by her swing vote and Kavanaugh also will step in to side with right.  I do note, however, that his vote is only allowed because a dissent would not change the result.  He is a very compromised individual.  Thomas and Alito are in the limelight, but Kavanaugh is under the hammer of a very bad crowd and marches to their tune on pain of some very dire consequences.

          What concerns me most is that the so-called conservatives on the court have succumbed to the siren song of a Christian nation, which in their eyes provides a return to truth and morality, and they are willing to accede to various nefarious actions in order to resurrect what they see as the country the founders intended, which - not coincidentally - reinforces their own power platform.

          They neglect, however, to give credence to the ideals that the country was founded and focus instead upon the imperfect execution of those ideals. 

We march forward, nevertheless.  Do not give up, do not give into despair, for that ways lies certain defeat.  We must hold them to account at every turn and understand that the exposition of corruption and greed at the highest levels will result in standards and consequences to be applied to this now renegade perversion of judicial authority.

          We have always had to work within this tension, the class and race warfare, that has run through out society ever since the white man set foot on this continent.  Sometime it is out in the open and sometimes it is forced underground, but it has always been with us.

We have made progress, and that is what has tripped the current backlash. True democracy has always been a hard scrabble fight, and its victories only forced the battle underground.

          It has to be bad enough to force systemic change.  Hearts and minds have to recoil at the oppression spreading out to more and more communities. Even now there is hardly an individual whose life has not been touched by the assault of one or more of the targeted groups because they are no longer going after one race, one, sex, one alternate lifestyle. They are attempting to reinstate the patriarchal model where only white men rule.  And that will be too bitter a pill for our enfranchised and diverse to swallow. We have come too far to be subjugated again.

          Wait till a patriarch’s daughter or wife needs reproductive medical care.  Some will impose the crackdown on their own family members but others will not be able to go that far.  Most families now have one or more “non-standard” member whose ostracization by the society as a whole cannot be condoned on a personal level. 

          This is what will move the needle.  It is slow and painful to watch, but it is moving in the right direction.  Keep your eye on Amy Coney Barrett.  She has strong religious views authentically held, but she cannot stomach the wholesale sellout of democratic principles in order to reinstate white male domination.

          It is messy, but real change comes from upheaval, and, yes, the courts reconstituted in response to undeniable corruption will hold the line.

June 22, 2024

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Saint Jude Thaddeus Church.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 

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Just Lisa
Just Lisa
Jul 02

Ugh I guess RBG was really wrong on this one… 💔🥹😢💔


Jun 23

Been waiting to hear from you...have lost all respect for the Court, but your words have given me some hope...Love-Light!


Peter Barker
Peter Barker
Jun 23

Sorry Ruth, I've lost all hope in the courts to do the right thing. You dying when you did was terrible timing.

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