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Steve McQueen Has Something More To Say

Updated: Jun 6

OK, not sure what is going on here, but it came in strong, feels clean, so here it is.


Steve:  You’re holding yourself to too high a standard.  The human being can’t perform flawlessly.  That s what I was trying to tell you.  You do what you can, move the needle as best you can, but most of us don’t hit a home run while we’re in a human body coping with the tricks and traps that human life brings us. 

What we have to do is keep trying and accept with love how we go.  Doing the best you can is not an ever-moving goal post.  It is a point in time where all circumstances contribute to the best you can do at the time.  Cut yourself a little slack.


Ann: Did you?


Steve: No.  I just kept going for the adrenaline high until even that fell flat.  Then I started drilling down, going for the truth.  And don’t kid yourself, there is one.  It’s the truth of Divine Love. The Creator’s power, in spite of the obstacle course set for us, is love and understanding of what it costs for us to move the ball down the field.

          We are set to it because it is important, no quarter given, no one to save you but yourself and your Creator. When you really connect with that godforce, there is nothing that you cannot do and nothing that is so horrible that it will not be absorbed into your fabric and come out in a stronger, more brilliant weave.

          You think it’s all for naught, but that is the furthest thing from the truth.  It’s all for God, for the Divine, for the universal creative force that seeks to expand itself with and through us.  It takes us to do it.  It can’t happen in a vacuum

          You think I starred in hero movies.  Well, those characters had it easy compared to what each one of you carry with you every day of your life.  My characters did have a godforce within however buried, and that’s what made them memorable.  It pulsed through me onto a scene and even through the car chases and the violence.  The goodness, the humanity of the character shown through. 

          There was a foot in the middle of my back that pushed me on to the next thing and the next until I had become, not a different person, but a wider, broader, deeper one.

          I didn’t suffer like John McCain who was a real hero or Harriet Tubman who was the Divine Incarnate, but I evolved, and that is what lets me come back to you and tell you that you are on the same road, that every body is if they are willing to claim it.

          Ann doesn’t think much of my tough guy persona, and yet she and many of you are embodying it.  You have learned to take help but not to relinquish responsibility, to lift your eyes heavenward and still take care of business.  You are not perfect, you lose your way, lose the scent of the trail, but you fall back, regroup, and keep going, stumbling, falling over your own feet and laughing and crying and making common cause with those who cross your path. 

          This is the hero’s journey, not the car chase, the revenge binge, or the shoot 'em up fun and games.  This is what we came for.  Just do the best you can.  I did, and I’m still doin’ it. 

June 6, 2024

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 

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Peter Barker
Peter Barker
Jun 13

Steve, thank you for this message. It hit me right between my eyes. I'm not perfect but each day try a little harder.


Emerald Green
Emerald Green
Jun 07

Thank you, Steve for this very encouraging reminder that we are only human beings who live in an imperfect world. It’s my prayer that we can all achieve a softer perception towards ourselves and others. Steve articulated this message so clearly. I knew a man who said his deceased grandmother came through to let him know that he could never be perfect while on earth. This rings true to me. Thank you Ann, for posting this important communication! 💚


Jun 06

Well there you go. Well said Steve - much appreciated. Thanks you both 😊🌈


Jun 06


THIS is beyond timely, hitting one's core.

Thank you.

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