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Teilhard de Chardin:* The Evolving Self

The Rune Ansuz: God's breath, the re-creating self.

Teilhard de Chardin: We begin with self, and we end with the self, but the self we end with has weathered the expansion of the organism through spiritual dimensions as we allow ourselves to grow and partake of the expanding energy of the cosmos.

You are asked to keep that in mind in any decision you make as you ask yourself the following: What will allow you to open your mind, where will provide the energies that feed your soul? With whom do you want to consort? Who can most benefit from what you have to offer?

Harmony is achieved by weaving together disparate forces into a complementary creation. For example, where you live supports who you are. The physical place has energy that should if possible resonate with your own. You need to observe how your body and psyche adapt and react. You are looking for the merging of science and matter into a spiritual calling that pulls you in the direction of a special place.

Sometimes you have choices; sometimes you have to adapt to their environment. In both cases notice what feeds you and what does not and then feed yourself on holy nourishment.

Notice the instress of Spirit in every rock, tree, flower, and grain of sand in the landscape that surrounds you, and feel that holy essence reverberate in the body that carries you through this life regardless of habitat.

When all moves together in the service of Spirit, of creation, your own and that of the cosmos, you will have reached stasis, the balance of matter, energy, and spirit. When a creative fire consumes you, when you feel your best work ahead of you, inside you and around you as a unified force, you are in the right place however inhospitable it may appear to outside eyes.

Be careful to keep a sacred space in your heart where you dwell in service to Spirit. Ce n’est qu’en service que l’on découvre son coeur propre.** It is as Saint-Exupéry has taught us, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”***

And in that place, in that service, will come the power to knit together the science of matter and mind, as you let yourself become an expression of Ansuz, the received-container-transformer-expresser of Spirit, you recreate in microcosmic form the original spark.

You are not to worry overmuch about the process. If you allow yourself to be organic in your efforts, even a wrong turn will bear fruit. Nothing is perfect in its realization, that is part of the adventure. Then when your inner world clicks into a new gear, all parts of your inner life will move as one regardless of circumstance.

When you strive for unity with Spirit, the disparate parts of your being will disappear in an enveloping flame that will leave you joyful to be alive.

October 27, 2021

*Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1888 - 1955) was a French Jesuit priest, scientist, paleontologist, theologian, philosopher and teacher known for his theory that man is evolving, mentally and socially, toward a final spiritual unity.

** It is only in service that we discover our own heart.

*** Le Petit Prince (The LIttle Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900 - 1944) .

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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