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John McCain et al: Time to Party!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

"Stellar," Incubus* Ann: This is getting awfully serious. Can any of you come up with some comic relief?

John McCain: Thought you’d never ask. Annie, you’ve been palling around with all these hifalutin folks that you forgot your down-in-the-trenches friends. Well, here we are to remind you.

Auntie (Harriet Tubman): You tell that little ole gal. We been havin’ ourselves a party up here while you folks down there still fightin’ over the same ole, same ole. And you’ll never guess who is here. Martin?

Dr. King: Auntie, you make me smile, just like that other Auntie of mine who called me Lil Mike, usually, “Mikey, Mikey, you get yo’self over here and quit yo foolin’ around.” Well, not only do we have good trouble as John Lewis has taught us, but we have good foolin’ around. Time to party!

Oh, I know you folks down there still seeing one martyr after another and think that this misery and murder has gone on forever and will never stop, but it’s out there on TV in front of God and everyone to see. This is different. It is in silence and darkness that evil hides, that treachery can work its wiles to bring to grief all those who would stand up for righteousness.

So don’t just stand up now. Jump up and down, party like angels party with song and dance and light and brightness so that there is no corner dark enough to hide those who would do anything other than celebrate the joy and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

John McCain: How ‘bout a little poker corner at this party? I think I can take you, Martin, you’ve been up there too long, gotten a little rusty. It’s not just the snakes who have learned to slither and sneak up on you from behind. It’s the surprise birthday parties that are thrown to celebrate every living thing just whenever we think about getting ourselves all down in the dumps.

Auntie: It’s a happy birthday, not just for our baby Jesus and all his friends, celebratin' not just their bornin’ but they whole lives too. And when all you hardworking folks get up here, you gonna be a part of that celebration. Throw yo’ hat in the air, Mr. Lincoln, and let’s get it right this time.

Abe: And I’ve got a hankering for some that potato salad you used to make, Auntie, or maybe that was some of your relatives. I see them over there in the corner setting out some mighty fine fixin’s. We are all just a big family, so go on and celebrate that for yourselves before you get here, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Martin: Amen, brothers and sisters.

John, Auntie: Amen.

April 12, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Apr 17, 2021

Woohoo 🎉 I love a good party. These folks are talking my language


Apr 14, 2021

Ann, your gift is very expansive and love the collective energy of this post. Looking forward to joining the party in that other dimension. Such enthusiasm is definitely contagious. Thank you!


Apr 14, 2021

Just love this interaction with all of my favorites. Makes me wish I was home in the ethers joining these partiers. Well soon enough we all will be celebrating our true freedom and it will be so great!

BJ Stewart
BJ Stewart
Apr 16, 2021
Replying to

Abe said, " go on and celebrate that for yourselves before you get here, and you’ll be ahead of the game."

Great message, thanks, Ann and All

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