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Robert Kennedy: Turning Evil Into Good

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

This morning as I was on the internet, I kept getting flashes of pictures of ads for books on Robert Kennedy. Finally I took the hint.

Ann: Bobby?

Bobby: Yes, pretty neat trick, huh?

Ann: Is it hard to do?

Bobby: Yes, it takes practice, energy, and direction which is why you don’t hear from too many of us right after we pass.

I want to talk to you about good and evil, particularly in the light that has been thrown on the subject by Mr. Thor. He is indeed an ancient energy figure and has gone through many metamorphoses to become who he is today in his present converted and reinvented evolution. He was converted by his own desire when confronted with the awesome power of the light of the universe. He wanted to serve and so he reinvented himself and serve he does. I am glad you call him Mr. Thor, he has earned the title.

You are afraid of the dark energy within yourself. Ann, unless you have totally given into the dark, everyone is. But it is not to be feared. It is, as Mr. Thor has shown us, to be converted and put in service.

Ann: Did you do that?

Bobby: I did my best. The younger son of an elder son I was always just a beat behind the rest. Have you noticed that many people whom you admire, who have accomplished much have usually had to struggle in ways that none of us would choose? I had no material deficits but was desperate to be recognized in my family and particularly by my father. I turned myself into something I no longer recognize, an essential enabler.

Not that I was working for dark energies for in many ways the reverse was true. It was just that I had not come into myself. I was essentially a derivative. Then after Jack’s death, through the hell of that abandonment and the black hole of nothingness into which I descended, I found my conversion in working for those who had no voice. It was then that, like Mr. Thor, I reinvented myself into a whole person whose internal damage was used in the service of others. I didn’t lose my drive, my hard-won skills, I reinvented them.

Each of you has that potential for such conversion and reinvention. It is never easy but this is how you temper rough iron into holy steel. You will know you are on the right track when it seems that you have no choice in the direction life is taking you, that you are being pushed from behind to be the person you came here to realize.

It can be as simple as caring for a child or an elderly person or as grand as making waves on the world stage – or even writing a blog. The location is irrelevant, the conversion of evil and reinvention into the service of good is the thing.

Ann: Are you happy now?

Bobby: Why, yes, I am, Ann. I still weep for the blind actions of those wedded to darkness, but what I see that many of you cannot is that there has been progress such that a deeper level of accountability and commitment to light-filled activity is in the offing. What you are going through is exactly what many of us in our own little microcosm experienced in order to accomplish our conversion.

It is much the same thing. It carries us by a force not our own to move into light or give in and succumb to darkness. From my current vantage point I see the light emerging. Each of you has only to hold on one minute longer, then one more minute, then one more. Do not look for the eternal solution, simply keep your feet on your chosen path and your eyes on the example of those who have gone before you.

I know the struggle, I did not triumph, I am not fully formed if there is such a thing, but I moved several notches down the road of expansion into light just as each of you can do now if you simply make the commitment.

There are many of us here who understand and who travel with you, unseen perhaps, but nevertheless potent and steadfast. You can reach us if you feel the need, and we will answer, perhaps not in words, perhaps not in visions, but in a shift of the energies around you. Lift your awareness and let us walk with you.

Ann: Bobby, I just want to follow you.

Bobby: Yes, I know. I felt the same way about my brother, but that is not the way of our expansion. No one, as I learned to my cost, can piggy-back on anyone else. We each have to find our own lane, and then the magnificence of the universe will come into full flower.

October 7, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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