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We Are All Connected

"You, each of you reading this, have come through hurt before

and will do so this time also."

Ann: Bobby? Richard says I should ask you why my heart hurts for you and all of us at what you endured, what you offered, and the tragedy that beset your family and this country with your untimely passing.

Robert Kennedy: Ann, just one question. How do you know that it was untimely?

I told you this morning that I ran at breakneck speed in my life because on some level I knew that my time was limited. You have a different mission, one more like a fine wine whose aging to potential cannot be rushed.

I pushed every envelope from the time I was a small child, fighting my limitations as they were set up against the expectations of my father. On some level I knew I had to meet those expectations before I could become who I was meant to be. I did not become my father, but I learned much from him in his drive to make us be the best at what we did, to bring our A game to every encounter, and to hold our family in the highest regard under all circumstances.

Once I mastered these skills, I could turn them in the direction my heart dictated. Jack’s death allowed me to do this. My death allowed others to do the same.

You are moving at a much slower pace which is why you will probably live to a great age learning what you have come here to learn and giving of that wisdom and access to others. To put it another way, Ann, you are a tortoise, I was a hare. This world needs both of us.

Ann: Why the power of the connection? I don’t have that with anyone else except Richard and Randy.

Bobby: And now Robert. Hmmmm. I would suggest you step lively when you meet the next R character in your life as you never know where that might take you....

It isn’t given to us to know why or when one person’s life will touch us and another’s pass us by. I really don’t know why - though given how easy it is for me to see into your heart and vice versa, I would say that we are connected in the universal plan with love and respect.

I know you and Richard were connected in previous lives - if that is even a concept. I do not see the same here, just a meeting of the hearts and minds in world situations so frighteningly similar that déjà vu all over again doesn’t even begin to touch it. All of us on the planet now have been here before. We have suffered these challenges and these losses before. We have felt grief hollow out our souls and bodies so that nothing remained until into that nothing came the Holy Spirit.

I suspect that I am the dim remembrance of that time for you and perhaps others on a soul level in past experiences and now again. You, each of you reading this, have come through hurt before and will do so this time also, for we have too much to accomplish to hang up our skis.

This is where we start, the nothingness that leaves no space for anything but the love of God. I am a shout-out for you and anyone who resonates with these words. Out of the ruins comes the Phoenix and that is what we are doing today as arm in arm we travel together. You have one more comrade in arms to walk with you. Auntie seconds that sentiment as do many others.

The emotional connections to the spirits you work with will grow as you allow our reality into your heart. As you do so, your grief and confusion will lesson, and you will not want to go back to a time when you walked blind to the help that Spirit has offered you.

Take my hand, take Auntie’s, and with Richard at your back, get up and do the work you came to do. If the pace is too slow for your taste, just remember that the world needs turtles as well as rabbits.

Ann: I don’t like being a turtle.

Bobby: I know. I got tired of being a rabbit, but we take what we are given and run – or shuffle – along with it.

Ann: Are you Jesus?

Bobby: (Smiles.) No one would ask for a fate like that….

August 2, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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3 comentários

Amy David
Amy David
07 de set. de 2020

I love your last question and his answer! So quick and witty! Love Robert!


03 de ago. de 2020

Thank you, Lenora, beautiful words.


03 de ago. de 2020

Dearest Ann and Bobby

Thank you so so much for the clarity I needed to hear today For the light I need to follow today and for the love and support I need to feel today

Much love And gratitude🥰💐🌞💞

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