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Welcome, New Year!


Ann: Would one of you be kind enough to give something to the blog?


???? Of course.  You are in an angelic realm and have been for some time.  Have you noticed solutions appearing to problems that arise, some significant, some infintessimal in the extreme but gestures from this side of the veil you will take the time to notice.

          When major life events confront us, we are often driven into the arms of our angels as you have been.  Problems aren’t "solved" but solutions are offered so that proceeding along the given path is clarified and next steps can be taken with surety and precision. 

          When you attune yourself to the helpers around you, you can perceive and proceed to take the next right step and the nest right path is revealed before you.

          Many of you are in despair about the state of your world, but we suggest that you simply look for the next right step, let happiness flood your hearts as you feel yourselves in sync with heavenly guidance. 

No matter how difficult the path, there is a way forward.  Sometimes it is surrender, sometimes it is action, sometimes it is simply allowing yourselves to be held in the arms of your angels. 

In this world you are never alone, you are never without help, and you are never abandoned.  Simply raise your eyes, ask with confidence, and your prayers, one way or the other, will be answered.

          You will feel peace in your hearts as you take one step then the next and realize that you are not asked to solve the mystery of the universe but rather to keep a light shining on your own path.  Darkness may gather but it cannot cover your heart if you keep your focus on those who have given you the light to illumine your way.


Ann: Who are you?


???? Don’t you know, can’t you tell?  We are the collection of guides offered to you and to the world.  We are the Arcturians, we are your angels, and we are all those with ascended wisdom who see what you cannot, that in the words of one of your own, “All will be well, all manner of things will be will,” this is a New Year!


Archangel Michael:  I am here joining the others. We welcome the New Year, and offer and my energies to get you safely through dangerous passages onto joyous shores.  Ask for me, ask for any of us, we will answer.

January 5, 2024

Rune, Mannaz, ᛗ, "the mystery of the Divine in every individual and in mankind in general." Eldred Thorsson, Futhark: A Handbook of rune Magic.

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, NoName_13.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Emerald Green
Emerald Green
Jan 05

Thank you for posting this Ann and Happy New Year! It really spoke to me. 💜


Jan 05

Happy New Year, Ann!

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