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Why Are You Here, Senator Kennedy?

June 12, 2020

Ann: Why are you here, Senator?

Senator: Why did I incarnate into my particular life or why am I talking to you?

Ann: Either, both, whatever floats your boat.

Senator: Not entirely clear even from this distance, but, as to the first, I think I came largely for my brother and, through that work, eventually to understand a larger purpose. My brother and I were of very different types and, though very closely connected, came to the planet with very different agendas. He was far more easy going, he had a gaiety about him, and was more of the world. He did not take things to heart as I did. Now he sees that there were many things that got by him that he perhaps should not have let slide. I was more driven, and, at my core, ascetic.

We were both ambitious, at first largely for the family, but after his death I became even more committed to making a change in the grievous suffering I saw around me, but for a while it seemed that his loss took away my purpose. My internal life consisted only of the burning agony of that crushing loss until I experienced the deeper despair of children in Appalachia and the Deep South and the horrors of what we were doing in Southeast Asia. I felt their sufferings, each and every one, in my body and my soul which could only be alleviated by taking action, and then I got my mojo back.

Nothing else could have moved me out of the catatonic despair that gripped my soul. Many others, many of you, have taken the same path. You move past unutterable pain in order to spare others from that same suffering. Right now the George Floyd family, the families of so many others are laying down their lives to make such a change.

This nation has much for which to atone, and it is past time that we take action to do so. Trump is our guide here. He manifests the results of decades if not centuries of rule by relentless power moguls that have contolled this country in one way or another. He shows us who we are and what we do not want to be, what we do not want our children to be.

It is no good to say, as many have, that, no, “This is not who we are,” because this is exactly who we are. I know because I was one. This is who we always were, and who we will continue to be in spades if we don’t make a change. And if we do not, we will all of us go down in the conflagration.

To go back to the second question you asked, I am coming here to help people see the treacherous path we are on and to provide whatever help I can to help to avert the disaster that is looming. Concrete action to effect measurable change with quantifiable consequences must be taken to deter the systemic disenfranchisement of the less fortunate among us. And it must be done now, there is no other way.

Ann: Bobby, I imagine that most of the folks reading this blog probably agree with you, but I wonder if there are many who can implement strategic plans. Shouldn’t you be talking to someone else, like whoever is going to be Biden’s vice president – or Biden himself? Or maybe Andrew Cuomo who seems to have mastered both your ideological and functional approach to the uses of government.

Senator: Yes, Andrew is my heir in many ways, part of my family still, and the father of my grandchildren. He offers energy and competency in the service of spiritual values in spite of the fact that he is considered, as I was, brash and quite ruthless - correct in both cases and makes me smile even from this distance. I am working with him, and I think he knows it, and with you, your readers, and many others. I am capable of multitasking, you know.

What I want to bring to your readers now is a perspective that is harder to come by when we are isolated in our corporal bodies and that is the one which sees the bigger trends, the push and pull of the universal life force trying to pummel us into a more harmonious whole. We are odd men out right now with many of us resisting this benevolent force, but others of us are lighting up the planet with a multitude of ah-ha moments brought about by Donald Trump, George Floyd’s death, and the coronavirus scourge, These occurrences have brought us literally and figuratively to our knees which is where we have the best view.

This is not the end. There will be more difficulties to come, particularly in the way of natural disasters, for the planet has much more in store for us in order to get back in balance. It is going to take some time and tragedy to get there. All of us need to be pro-active in planning for the future, not just to take care of our immediate needs though that is critical, but to begin to create the future we want to exist. Projection is real, you know. We can by our own thoughts, desires, and imaginings help to create a better world. As we do so, we will naturally act to implement these visions.

I have taken up a lot of space on the blog and appreciate your gracious welcome here. I will be back whenever you want to hear from me.

June 13, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David
Sep 09, 2020

So good to read his thoughts on our world. It Reminded me of my thoughts I had. Trump is a reflection of us. We are him. America as a country has acted like Trump for decades. Genocide of many cultures in North America and Africa and putting the rest in reservations like criminals. No respect for those who do things differently. Pushing countries around. Interfering in their elections. Deposing leaders we don’t like and putting in the one we do. Living a lifestyle our earth cannot support. international laws and rules not applying to us. We are Trump whether we like it or not. He is a product of our greed and corruption. we must change our priorit…


Jun 13, 2020

Thank you Bobby, this is not taking too much time or space at all because so insightful, hopeful, truthful of realities to come, and full of wisdom and helpful strategies, showing us our own ability to help too-- and I can read this forever! So glad to hear you are working with Andrew Cuomo, part of your family, as we can feel he is deeply connected to the Holy Spirit, and can implement change because he cares about the individual and the whole. Ann, thank you for putting into action what messages you get and what you feel, it helps us all!


Betty Jean
Jun 13, 2020

Always good to hear, from Booby, John, Richard etc. Very powerful message today, thanks, Ann and Bobby.

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