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A Blessed Day

Gebo, Chrysocolla, and The Intersection of Human and Divine

I awoke this morning with an unaccustomed sense of wonder, pulled the rune Gebo, the Gift, and then tried to meditate on this and the Chrysocolla stone given to me by a friend many years ago. I held a large Lemurian Quartz crystal which usually helps me to focus. It was not to be. Instead I was led here by Richard whose words touched me deeply and hopefully will have something for you also.

Ann: Would you be kind enough to talk to be about this experience?

Richard: Yes, of course. Gebo, as you know, is the rune of partnership, the gift of bringing ourselves into balanced relationship with another, neither merging with nor bracing away from the other, but developing an harmonious balance just as a puzzle piece fits into the whole picture which only emerges gradually as each piece is added.

With Gebo balanced on the Chrysocolla stone and your hands holding the powerful Lemurian Quartz, you saw in your mind’s eye and felt in your soul the radiant beauty of this holy combination. The Quartz facilitated this heavenly connection and was amplified by Chrysocolla which asks you to speak your truth. The rune Gebo brought all together in holy partnership.

We are asked to bring ourselves to Source to enjoy a re-union that our separation from consciousness prevents us from otherwise experiencing. We celebrate each element brought to the whole when this joyous reunion occurs. At the foundation of your morning meditation was the imposing Lemurian quartz crystal that you held in your hands. As you did so you felt its energy sing up your arms with joy as you received gifts from Gebo and encouragement from Chrysocolla.

We have often discussed you resistance to meditation, have we not, Madame? However, meditation comes in many forms, and you were encouraged, and perhaps provided with a little push from your humble servant here, to move your meditation to this writing where you receive, with these energies, words which may allow you to take more fully into your consciousness these profound gifts.

Consider: You wake with lit with positive energy flowing through your system. Who is calling? What are you asked to do? You go into your meditation holding the Quartz and focusing your gaze on the Chrysocolla rock, a rock not polished to bring it up to the “standards” of humans in shiny type of reflective beauty, but a rock, just as it arrived from the earth with its complexities fully on display. You then draw a rune asking about the beautiful energy you have been granted this day, and Gebo results.

So now you have in your hands the brilliant Lemurian Quartz which amplifies your access and ability to receive. Gebo confirms the gifts that you are receiving this day, and then Chrysocolla, the stone of truth, directs you to speak the truth as you are given to see it. And this you have allowed yourself to do rather than chaining yourself to the established mode of meditation. And what my dear would have resulted from 20 minutes trying to focus on your breath while stuffing down this joyous message?

You have been offered a glimpse of the intersection of human and divine each in balance, bringing distinctive gifts to a unified point of central contact. You have allowed these words to flow through you as an amplification of that experience. This is indeed a blessed day, enter into it with joy.

April 23, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Apr 24, 2020

That's a WOW moment!!

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