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Abraham Lincoln: Crisis

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

What you are seeing here is an attempted act of war

intended to turn back the clock.

President Lincoln: In times of war, in times when the very fabric of our society is being threatened, we must stand shoulder to shoulder in clear defiance of lies, half-truths, and insidious stratagems designed to blind us to the purpose of those who would destroy our equilibrium.

Such is that time for you now. On this day, at this hour, for each and every American, a decision must be made. Are we willing to set aside our grievances, some of them perhaps legitimate, in favor of the protection of our system of government? We need not raise our voices. There will be enough of that. We simply need to be clear.

No. No, this will not be allowed to stand. No, there will be no indulgence of any violent pretensions to the cause of right.

Any and all attempts at violent takeover of government functions must be repelled, and those who perpetrated the crimes held responsible. And by those I mean those whose interests have incited movements intended to romanticize and perpetuate fictitious claims of right and wrong.

Such claims are not new to your time. Rumors and incitations were rampant in my day. Now one really knew the truth. Only when we had half killed each other did we collapse in exhaustion and halfheartedly try to carry out the promises we made when we entered into the war.

War does not work, it never has. What you are seeing here is an attempted act of war intended to turn back the clock. I can almost see the same people in action. It must be dealt with forthwith, not by any means necessary, for that is to fall into the hands of those whose mission is to bring government by the people down, but by every available legal means. However slowly and imperfectly these are implemented, if these are carried out faithfully, relentlessly and without quarter, the very implacable nature of the legal and judicial system will pull the country back from the abyss.

This is not a revolt by the impoverished or by the disenfranchised, though it has been couched as such to disguise its real purpose which is a naked grab for power, an act of treason against the government of the United States of America. There is a remedy for that in our constitution, and it should be activated.

These people are committing criminal acts and must be prosecuted to the letter of the law. This president is an enemy of the people, he has incited violence against his own government. This is an act of treason and should be treated as such.

Failing that, lesser crimes must be followed out one by one. He has shown who he is. It is up to each one of us regardless of our political persuasion to step up, first for our system of government and way of life, and then for the implementation of laws which, without impinging on the rights of the people, will assure the peaceful transition of power in the future. If you fail now, the war will be fought on the battlefields instead of in the courts, in congress, and in the election process.

I am telling that you do not want to do this. Horror such as you have never known will be visited upon each and every family in this nation. No one will be spared.

Act now while you still can.

January 6, 2021

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