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Abraham Lincoln: January 6 Committee Hearings Corrected to Include Merlin and The Arcturians

Updated: Jun 15, 2022


Let this reading be for the light and love coming from Sprit,

the endowment of each and every human being.

Please help us claim these blessings.

Ann: Please talk to us about the January 6 Committee Hearings, how they will be received, what messages they have to impart, and what we should take with us into the future.

Ann: Would one of you be kind enough to speak to us about this?

Abraham Lincoln: I think I'm up on this one, for you in this country at this time face a mighty crisis. There is not yet wholesale bleeding in the streets, farms, and fields, but there is the threat overhanging the nation of domination by the privileged few.

Oh, they will give you a song and dance about how we are coming back to America, and some of the broken among us, feeling disadvantaged by those who are different rather than recognizing their common cause, will buy into it wholesale.

The threat is clear: Stop this now at the political level or face the prospect of another civil war.

You think today that your politics have never been so divided, but that is not true. Not just in my time but in the years and century plus following those forces, the privileged few who saw their power and their privilege threatened fought the same battle – up front when they could and underground when the light threatened exposure.

And yet their efforts were and are doomed because the human race is not just one sex, one color, or one creed, and this country, whether it knew what it was doing or not, enshrined the very opposite in the welcome of Lady Liberty and our country’s oddly prescient Constitution. Say what you will about today, progress from my time has been made - in fits and starts, yes, but made nonetheless.

Take for example our Statue of Liberty. It was enshrined in the face of a ruling class, and the words at it base re-committed us to the proposition that all of us, each member of our human family is created equal – and not just in some dusty old document written a century earlier, but in the action of building a great angel welcoming the downtrodden to our shores.

Now I know and you know that that welcome mat was put out in part by our leaders to get some worker bees to come here to do the grunt work of building a nation, but somehow, don’t you know, the concept got away from them and put down roots in the rest of us.

It is no different today. Your little band of heroes, the January 6 Committee, comes from many walks of life. In the face of tragedy, threats, certain vilification, and probable loss of power they are standing firm and, though successfully pilloried in the past, this time their voices will be heard because this time their voices will resonate to the very forces, those worker bees and disenfranchised lost souls, who are being coopted by lies.

Lies. You can smell it, and this time the stench will permeate some of the parts of the population who thought to take their ease, their advantage on the backs of this treason. This time there will be no denying the truth, no turning it inside out so that its words are twisted into fodder for the power hungry and food for the masses they hope to deceive. This time there will be a clean breeze sweeping the country. It will take time and backbreaking work, but a new beginning is in the offing here.

Merlin with Arcturians in the background: Let us look at the ancient Norse symbols offered here and the wisdom of the animal kingdom.

First of all, Whale,* that mighty mammal, creature of the land and then, upon the turn of the earth, the depths. That entity so powerful, so adaptable that its hearing and memory take in all that has happened since the dawn of earth’s so called civilization. Whale is record keeper and seer. She brings to light those sounds and vibrations others cannot hear. Her very magnificence, her gravitas and presence is such that she cannot be ignored or her wisdom set aside.

The Overview Rune given here is Algiz,* Algiz the protector, reversed to remind us that the Great Tree of Life has its roots in the earth while its splayed branches reach for the stars. She surrounds those within her sacred enclosure with protection of loving creation.

This is what we are offered today by the January 6 Committee. Our protection now lies in our hearing and our memory, not just how others have triumphed in challenging times, but how our essential vibratory connection to the planet, to the stars and beyond where the Great Tree of Life knits us to the whole of creation’s Divine fabric.

We have protection if we will claim it. Look for it in those around you who proclaim the truth in the face of threats and violence. This powerful rune of protection and connection is our lodestar here.

Our challenge, symbolized by the Rune Ehwaz,* is to come together, to work in tandem as did the twin Norse gods of old. The image of Ehwaz making a giant letter M, can be seen as two horses, nose to nose standing together in cooperation and love.

This who we are and what we must do, not condemning, not vilifying, but cleaving to the truth whether it serves our interests or not. We must acknowledge that some of those who fell victim to the lies of the powerful had been victimized before, and our part in those travesties must be acknowledged and rectified. Only then, with honor and truth between us, can we move forward into protected becoming.

The Action Rune offered here is Isa,* the rod connecting human with heaven and earth. Isa is the stabilizing force, the ego in service to the truth of spiritual joy and commonality.

We use these ancient symbols because they say to us in essence, in soul speak, what our language cannot express. Take Isa into your daily life, tend your own fire, make yourself strong by cleaving to the truth, inconvenient or otherwise, so that this time we can move our nation, not only back on track, but into a new and blessed future.

It will take time. Don’t lose heart, for all heroes face setbacks in their hero’s journey and that is what each one of you is asked to embrace. Faint heart never won fair lady, and Lady Justice will be ours if we claim our date with destiny today and follow path of the hero’s journey so ably begun by the January 6 Committee.

June 8, 2022

* Runes and Animal Medicine Card, read from right to left,

Far right Algiz, Reversed, Center Elhaz, Reversed, Far left, Isa.

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, wynpnt.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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6 comentarios

09 jun 2022

Immediately upon reading this, the Arcturians came directly to mind; perhaps we need them now moreso than previously.

We welcome you, Arcturians.

Me gusta
10 jun 2022
Contestando a

I severely seem to resonate with the Arcturians, for whatever reasons. And,occasionally, it's also quite nice to be recognized as having a bit of a "connection" of sorts with some of those you channel.

Thank YOU, Ann.

Me gusta

Lynn Gore
Lynn Gore
09 jun 2022

Thank you, Abraham Lincoln, for that powerful message. It will get messy, but we will prevail. Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father and Jesus, we come to you today and ask you to surround the United States with the white light of the Holy Spirit and the violet consuming flame. Please let justice ring. Please purge the political family, both Dems and GOP, of corruption, deceit, greed and evil. Please give discernment to all that listen to the evidence presented and make an honest and informed decision. Please protect those on the side of truth and justice. Jesus, we know there is no growth without pain, however, the pain is becoming unbearable. Your word said ask and I will answer;…

Me gusta
24 jun 2022
Contestando a

Oh this prayer brought tears to my eyes, thank you for it and as I read it I prayed your very wonderful words to be heard and acted upon.

Me gusta
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