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Abraham Lincoln: We Are All The Same

We leave as we came, naked and with nothing,

loved by our Creator as who we are.

Ann: President Lincoln?

President Lincoln: Abe, just Abe. You have had many guides and spirits tell you that we are all the same. Though they speak with different voices and use different metaphors, each is offering you the truth. We leave as we came, naked and with nothing, loved by our Creator as who we are.

And this is a good thing. Even I who witnessed the brutalization of so many, suffered grievous loss within my own family, and bore the hatred and accolades of thousands went to my Maker with nothing, nothing but what was shining and crippled in my own soul, nothing except my own realization that I was no different, not special, not cursed or blessed, but just like everyone else and loved by creation for that sameness and for that spark that allowed my contribution to be received.

We each of us have contribution, the spark that makes our gifts add to the whole, received by the Father from each and every one of us who lays down our egos to allow that spark to flare and then flame with the holy truth of God’s love.

Give what you have to give. Receive what you are offered. Say yes to every occurrence in your life, and turn it into a prayer for understanding and grace. There is no hierarchy in souls as Fred Rogers has taught us, for, as Fred also saw, God likes us just the way we are, not better, not different, not with more accomplishments or courage, but for who we are, for the battles we fight, win or lose, and for the love that we offer and receive.

When you lay down the trappings of this life and let go the connections that hold you here, you will each go to Source with your sameness and your specialness as the perfect gift to your Creator. If you can start the process before you cross over, you will have a head start on reaping the benefits of the unending love and compassion that is your birthright.

Smile at your own antics and at those of your neighbors, for the Lord loves a good laugh, and when you meet up again face to face, you will know your Creator as family.

July 25, 2021

Free image credit: Dennis Larsen from Pixabay

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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