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Abraham Lincoln: Take the Next Step

Once again, Anita* is telling me that a wise spirit has something to say on this blog. This time it was Abraham Lincoln apparently in cahoots with Harriet Tubman. Thank you, Anita.

"We are gentle, but we are not weak..."

Ann: Mr. President, Anita says you have something you want to put up on the blog,

President Abraham Lincoln: And you are still afraid that we won’t answer you. Annie, you have to get over being a Nervous Nellie - though if I were in your shoes I would probably feel the same way. Every time I had to stick my neck out there and make a decision, I second guessed myself into sleepless night after sleepless night, particularly when those decisions sacrificed lives and families to a cause that none of really understood.

And that is what I wanted to talk to you about today. We, none of us, understand the “causes” we are “working” for, so we have to get used to traveling blind. But just because you can’t see where you’re going doesn’t mean you don’t know what feels right. You can tell because, if you look hard enough, any other course of action would sacrifice your immortal soul.

You folks today can’t see down the road very far because with all the powers of destruction you have amassed, it doesn't look like the road goes very far. So you look at just the next little stretch, and it doesn't seem like what you do now will make much difference, so, you think, why not just keep the peace, go along to get along? But if you lift your eyes past that little stretch, you can see that what you don’t do will perpetuate what you abhor and that is what will put your soul in peril.

So I am asking each one of you to step up and do any little thing that puts you on a better road now wherever it may be going in the future. It may be it a kindness to a neighbor or a favor to a friend that lets you step on out of yourselves and reach out to someone else. And if there is anything that you can do to move this great country away from the wrongs that have it in their grip, then take that step too. Give a helping hand in remembrance of those who had no one and those who struggle today, lobby to make your government by the people and for the people, because, as you are seeing now, any other government will not long stand.

And when we take these steps, when we make amends on behalf of our ancestors and ourselves, we not only honor those who suffered at our government’s hands and denounce the people who make that government false, but we also honor those who saw further than that misstep – even though they didn’t understand it at the time - and created a Constitution that could rectify our mistakes if we can adhere to its principles.

Now is not a time to be silent. Mrs. Tubman and myself have joined hands to entreat every one of you to join with us to bring a message of kindness toward all we meet and a time of reckoning to those who would misconstrue those softer sentiments to be anything other than the implacable barrier they are against hatred and division. We are gentle, but we are not weak, and we will stand with those who want to move this country and this world toward the light so that any other forces will have to join us or die of starvation.

December 1, 2019

*See "Resources" under "Recommended Channelers."

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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