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Abraham Lincoln: What Is Needed Now

"Both strength and kindness must be employed to bring

this world back into balance."

Ann: Mr. President, Anita* said you wanted to speak with me.

Abraham Lincoln: Yes, Ann, I do. I understand the stress that this talent gives you both in its illumination of light but also of the dark spaces that make you doubt what you are doing. Set that to the side and just go on with what you have.You have welcomed me here with the assistance of others and have opened your channel to allow you to transcribe for others to read how those of us who labored mightily while in the body tried to bring a little more cohesion and friendliness between all of the earth’s moving parts.

I lived in a time of great turmoil as you know. Do not think that the fractures and lack of cohesion in your world is something new. We struggle to move together and always have. That is the great task for the world and the collective consciousness. Strive to bring your brothers and sisters who have strayed back into the fold. Let them see your love and your understanding of the humanity within them that got too big for its britches. For what you see in them is in your own souls too. Ask these wayfaring strangers to come in and tell their stories. Help them put up a fence between the light and the darkness that they have embraced.

Such darkness is a seductive course, and, once embarked upon, it is hard to right the ship. Both strength and kindness must be employed to bring this world back into balance - kindness to see the tortured souls who have let the demons of power and greed control them and strength to wall off those demons from further penetration into the whole.

I suffered with every boy who went into battle, with every family bereaved and bereft from loss and despair. I made the decision to go to war because the power of Satan had settled in too far to be contained by kindness alone. But kindness would have solidified the “victory” that strength achieved in the war. Instead we allowed ourselves to move into retribution.

This time, my friends, do not make that mistake. Do not condemn but welcome those who misunderstood the source of power and comfort. Help them achieve their own internal balance by addressing the needs that drove them into Satan’s arms. There is no gain in revenge, only a perpetuation of those forces that set us at each other’s throats. There has to be a different approach this time.

Ann: Is there anyone running for president that you think can accomplish this?

AL: Joe Biden, though others may emerge. Right now he is the only one with true kindness in his heart, kindness which has been honed through the fires of personal tragedy, internal conflict, and reconciliation. Our young people may not see this yet, for they want to fight, to reform, to renew the government with all of their newly burnished energy and commitment. And we need these qualities, but first we need reconciliation.

Everyone must be welcome at the table if we want to sit down as lions and lambs together praying for peace and prosperity for all. Some may not be able to see their way toward that table and those who think to come with destruction in their hearts must be barred, but the invitation must always be extended or we become what we have hoped to destroy in others, that is, hatred, greed, and power for power’s sake to benefit the powerful.

So on this day of presidents and leaders, I ask you to consider the qualities of kindness and strength, reconciliation and redemption, for these are the qualities that will take us to the next level and enable us to see the futility of the old ways. Open your hearts to the light in the universe that will bring these things to pass, and you will find that they are not out of reach.

February 17, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Stephanie Spradling
Stephanie Spradling
Feb 18, 2020

I love this, and know it deeply to be true. My only issue is how much these people, and I am speaking of Senators and Congresspeople and Bill Barr, have taken. How far they have lied and hurt good and honest people. We act honorable and play by the rules, and they almost use it against us. Mitch McConnell would not allow Merrick Garland to be seated at the SOTUS. I know they have lost their way, and only love and kindness can remedy this, but they seem to poison all they touch. It feels like Charlie Brown with the football, Lucy always yanking the hope of it away. Even Jesus threw the moneychangers out on their butts at the…


Carin Robinson
Carin Robinson
Feb 18, 2020



Feb 18, 2020

What an endorsement for Joe. I loved this entry so much. Thank you Ann!

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