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After The Epiphany.... Seth and Richard

Jack Kornfield wrote a book entitled, "After The Epiphany, The Laundry." I have found that to be very good advice which was amplified this morning by the above Rune pull, Nauthiz, and Crystal Card draw, Hematite. Both are suggesting that, after a powerful numinous experience, we must attend to the mundane to maintain our balance. I also had some help from Jane Roberts's Seth and Richard in getting this concept through my thick skull.

Nauthiz Rune: Need, constraint, stepping into manifestation, protection.

Hematite Crystal Card: grounding in the earth, the body, tending, nurture.

Ann: I have been drawn to Jane Roberts* recently because of, among other things, the chronic illness that immobilized her and led to her death. I feel that Seth may be here, is that right?

Seth: Yes. I have been trying to get your attention as you wander into much the same territory as my friend Ruburt [Seth's name for Jane]. What he did was too much for his physical system, yet he felt a call so powerful that he could not resist the siren’s song of immediate transition and transformation. He exhausted himself in the process, could not seem to find a resting place, and so allowed himself to succumb to illness.

You have been drawn to the notion that we create our own reality, and this time such a concept is not being pushed on you from the outside but emerging a foundational understanding being human. You referred to this process as co-creating with God. And that is very well as far as it goes and will start you on your way to moving into a more accurate notion of cosmic forces, but you still allow yourself to be limited by the five senses to which you are seemingly bound. This is unnecessary.

Much like Sisyphus who kept pushing the same rock up the same hill, you find yourself repeating the same pattern over and over, to wit, move out of your accustomed pattern, open expand, run into physical distress, and then take to your bed with some systemic affliction. Ruburt was much the same though hers was on one level intractably unconscious, by which I mean she would not allow herself to consider altering her course. You have a wider angle of vision on your own situation and are allowing yourself to consider what you previously would have thought outlandish.

Anita's* Healing Script is a good start to clearing your body of interlopers. Feel the power of the light within your body as you turn away from the temptation of illness as a note you can use to get out of school. You are this school – for yourself and others. Illness is not required if courage can be mustered.

I am glad we have connected. We can work together in a more direct manner if you so desire and can bring your focus to bear on such an association. You have many guides. I am not one of them. I am a voice of the Oversoul** as Ruburt called it, a presence sent here to help all of you navigate the shoals of human existence. And a perilous journey it is, for you must keep your feet grounded in the physical, tend to your health, nurture, and general wellbeing while allowing yourself to stretch up and receive from numinous sources that which may not make sense to that grounded human being.

This work puts pressure on your entire system, and diligence must be brought to bear on all aspects of this journey. You are in a unique position to do this what with your natural skepticism, your grounding in a Capricorn psyche, and your elevated and sometimes porous upper chakras. Your guides can help you. Richard, Miriam, Peter all struggled with this process to varying degrees. Now is the time to put systems in place, and then we will see what we can do. I am glad we have made connection and look forward to a fruitful association.

Ann: Richard, please talk to me about Seth.

Richard Burton: Yes of course. Quite the character, is he not? I have come across him once or twice, but cannot say we are particularly simpatico. He is asking that you hone your gift so that you can trance channel him as Jane Roberts did. This may be an option for you, but not necessarily one that you want to explore at this time.

Jane’s work was cut short as she was consumed in the conflagration of that connection that demanded and demanded until there was nothing left but ashes. This was her choice, and she make it knowingly, feeling it imperative to get this information out to those who could hear it and build upon it.

You, I believe – and certainly at the present moment – are in a different place. Your rune and crystal card pulls have given you a framework in which you can address this situation. First, your body is already breaking down because you are withdrawing on some subterranean level from the work that is being asked of you. This does not need to continue, but care must be taken of the vessel. You must come to your own commitment to this work without compulsion or guilt trips into self-importance. The world can evolve on its own without your assistance. You simply need to play the part assigned to you, not move into some sort of saviour complex that could be the result of extended work with Seth.

I don’t say that this may not be attuned for the future but right now your focus must be on your internal conflicts and resolution of same. You have taken enormous steps in the last several days and weeks which is why Seth was able to break through.

Now is the time to consolidate, use the pain and necessity of Nauthiz to reconnect you with earthly matters and bodily health. You have and must learn to trust the ability to create your own health for your own and the greater good. So do that. We will help you ascertain the next guided steps.

Rome was not built in a day nor did Madame emerge fully grown in a full suit of armour from the head of Zeus. It’s a process, my dear, and cannot be rushed. Note however, that it can be forestalled and that is just what would happen if you skipped the important developmental steps that are now being presented to you.

We want your happiness and joy in this work. Nothing can be gained by tight-lipped adherence to another’s agenda. Relax, love, and bring yourself into balance as the Crystal Card Hematite has suggested. Then your path will flow easily with generosity and joy. You are not alone, and you have the opportunity now to work with hand in hand with your guides as you never have before. Let that be enough for now.

June 4, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at ttps:// .

**Jane Roberts channeled energy personality, Seth, in a series of texts known as the Seth Material. She died after a long debilitating illness at the age of 55.

***Jane Roberts, Oversoul Seven Trilogy, 1995.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Jun 04, 2020

Hi Ann, I have read all the Seth material and have transitioned to Abraham (channelled by Esther Hicks) and found them to be even more congruent with my outlook. Also, you might find Abraham's vantage point about health to be much more encouraging and supportive. Thanks for putting this out there. It makes a difference for me.

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