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Albert Einstein: Predictions?

Though we sit in the ashes and ruins left from many terrible events,

we can sense the pendulum beginning to swing back the other way.

Ann: Would one of you like to talk to me about the year to come?

Professor Einstein: Ah, my dear, are you looking for one of those psychic predictions of the year ahead? If so, I’m afraid I cannot accommodate you, but what I can to is to let you know how the energy has changed, the direction in which it is flowing now, and what can be done to enhance the positive aspects of that energy.

I have lived and experienced many ebbs and flows of natural and unnatural energetic forces. Perhaps you wonder what I mean by unnatural energy. These are simply energies constructed out of raw materials that were never meant to be utilized to create is instability in the Earth’s atmosphere. The most obvious example I can give you is the the splitting of the atom.

An atom is not the smallest sub particle of the created world, but just because it is big enough to be spit does not mean that it should be. What you find occurring when unnatural combustion is created is negative energy ions overcoming their more stable and tolerant brethren.

The same can happen in political and societal spheres. When unbalanced combustion is used to power a society, the natural and gracious flow of energy is disrupted and contamination occurs.

We have seen this many times in history, for mankind has a god complex, if I may be so bold as to speculate. The ego that led us to come to this planet for the Great Experiment has often been coopted for self-serving causes. It was not a preordained course of event, but circumstances allowed for the opportunity.

Those who determined to come to the planet to recreate the ongoing and eternal connection between the Creator and the created also opted to handicap themselves with loss of memory. From the smallest entity to the many created beings of the natural world, the adaptive and survival instincts allowed for slow and natural evolution.

With the advent of partial human consciousness, self-determination was coopted by the desire for dominance. Again this was not inevitable. Humans chose to turn away from their right relationship with the created world and their common Creator.

They did not, however, lose the inborn sense of right and wrong which is the lodestar of every human soul and which, when attended, keeps the with Spirit and the created world in balance. When this lodestar is disregarded, corruption of that sacred relationship is the result. In the year past, there have been many examples of the consequences of such unbound and unbalanced energy in the form of plagues, fires, floods and the attempted domination of some people by others, to name a few.

And yet these disasters have begun to create equal and opposite reactions. Though we sit in the ashes and ruins left from many terrible events with the threat of others to come, we can sense the pendulum beginning to swing back the other way. That is what you want to look for when you ask about predictions for the coming year and the years to come. This is what you want to be a part of.

Look around you and see if you can make your own future. Use science, persuasion, and good old sweat and blood. And don’t discount magic. It is as real as any other energy source. That which cannot be named, that which is unknowable is magic, universal love beyond description and the multiversal principle of many in One.

With that in mind, I hope you can see that the future is dynamic and not preordained. We each bear responsibility for the restoration of decency, respect, and conservation to our world, in a word, balance. These are the signs that will tell the story. Do you see them growing? Is the movement becoming widespread? Can you feel the air around you becoming lighter?

From this distance, I can see a tremendous trough from which the human race must ascend if the planet is to survive with lifeforms as we know them. Nevertheless, the weight of that pendulum is swinging back because vison has shown us our future if we do nothing. I believe that we can turn the tide, that all beings, humans, animals, vegetation, and every single iteration of life on this planet can be brought back into equilibrium if we set our course and stay true.

It will take time, time and discipline, which is what many on the planet see as a job for someone else. This time we must all buy in. Start small, pick your contribution and hold steady in your commitment and execution. We are at the beginning of a new age. Every decision must be made with our ultimate objectives in mind, that is, the balance and dynamic union with the Creative Force.

You need no prediction for the year ahead. You need vision and commitment. If you can cleave faithfully to these, predictions will take care of themselves.

December 31, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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3 commentaires

04 janv. 2021

How wonderful a message! We are on the right path, and will take diligence by everyone to keep it going and in balance. But so worth it, for our survival and love of the planet Earthschool!


01 janv. 2021

Thanks, Amy, I felt the power of this one too.


Amy David
Amy David
01 janv. 2021

I agree. Predictions are not necessary for there is beauty in mystery as well. I loved this message. I feel it is right, deep down. We must not look back. Forwardness has to be our motion, where we focus or attention and intention. we will be alright! I loved this post. It hit the spot!

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