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Albert Einstein: Relativity

Ann: Dr. Einstein? Anita* says you have something to say here.

Dr. Einstein: Yes. Thank you for receiving my entreaty, and thank you, Anita, for sending it along.

Ann, you have taken upon yourself the role of conduit to those of us who have something to offer to your turbulent times. I am here to speak to you about science, about the scientific basis of spirituality, and about the connection and intimately coordinated nature of our universe and beyond. I ask your indulgence to allow an old professor to speak of matters that I have learned over the course of many lifetimes and in the commission of many errors.

The primary error that we humans make is to invest our creation myth with human emotion and prejudice. We see our world as hierarchical, with some elements of more value than others. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing could be more antithetical to the will of Source who in mystery, science, and love creates his wonders to perform.

We humans thought we could recreate a universe on our own, and we have given it the old college try, but to no avail because we have failed to grasp the fundamental concept of the universe which is relativity. Now Ann, don’t go running for the hills, I am not about to inundate you with incomprehensible formulas – though I could and you would understand because all it takes to understand our creation is the concept of relativity which is really very simple.

We are created in relation to each other and to all living beings and energies. That is all. That is the fundamental principle of the universe. Each action, word, thought and inclination reverberates to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

We are the master of our destinies,did we but know it, but, because we are living in the kingdom of the blind, we do not see our salvation in communiality. We ask for help and walk right past it when it is offered. We go out on the high seas without a life-preserver and wonder how it is that the waves overtake us.

We must recover the fundamental principle of our creation, the one we left at heaven’s door the moment we stepped foot on this planet and decided that forbidden apples were more to our taste than others and that some of us, witness Eve and her progeny, were worth less than the others. We then went on to extrapolate from that fundamental mistake by devaluing any person, animal or resource that we perceived could be of service to our burgeoning egos.

Thus we presented ourselves with false choices based on illusory information. And all the while we were never anything but tiny, myriad, albeit critical, parts of the whole. On our own we are non-existent because we lose our source of nourishment.

O my children, if I could explain to you the joy, the absolute bliss of being held in the embrace of the universe as our created home! The concepts of over and under, above and below, better than or less than, would cease to exist in your minds, extinguished without a moment’s regret as you became absorbed in the all-consuming love of our Creator.

We are beginning to get glimmers now of the reality of this wonder hiding behind our self-created illusions. Ushered in by those heavenly prophets of doom who seek to drown all goodness and collegiality in the service of their own delusions of power, we begin to see the futility of our own machinations. We begin to see that we do have power, that we do not have to live under the yoke of a false master but can move in concert with our fellows to the harmonious frequencies upon which we rested at creation.

We are beginning to see. It will take time, but it was always to be. God’s holy order will not be denied. Take comfort in this knowledge, this giant underpinning of relativity and purpose in the grand design, and stand up now to do your part. We can no longer claim blindness if that was ever an excuse. Now we see in the most drastic terms imaginable that we cannot do this alone, that every element of society and creation, chemical, biological, and of the ether must be incorporated into our grand plans going forward.

With these endeavours now underway, any who want to be part of the journey must get on board or be left on the shore to shrivel in the fading delusion of individual sovereignty. This is a joyful time indeed for all of us to move together. Claim it for yours.

Much has transpired since I left the earth struggling with equal and opposite reactions of dark to light and vice versa. Now dark exists only to facilitate and inspire the light. We can carry the light to completion, and we must. Stay with Spirit, do not despair, look at each claim of darkness as impetus to find the light, sometimes just a small candle will suffice.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will return us to the kingdom of heaven.

July 4, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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