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John McCain, Harriet Tubman: An Anchor in Darkness

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

"We need an anchor in times where darkness becomes visible."

???? We need a sanctuary where the comfort and truth of God’s love surrounds us. Otherwise it is difficult to resist the pull of the occult, and by that I mean the dark forces that lie beneath, dark forces that can propel the energy of love’s expansion but can also, when misdirected, suck us into a self-created abyss.

I say self-created because each of us has those dark forces within, and each of us can feel the resonance. It can emerge as temptation, despair, or even relief, but always the resonance is there waiting to be directed.

Ann: Is this you, John?

John McCain: Yes. (Smiling) You didn’t recognize me without my usual bombastic entrance, but recent events and those which will follow have moved me into a different lane, not my usual “Rah-rah, let’s go,” but not so very different either.

For no matter how we approach it, we must confront, absorb, and transform within our own being the forces of evil. Don’t deceive yourselves. Evil is real, and it is evil to claim power for the one at the expense of the many, and that is what we have going on today.

My erstwhile party has now bought in hook, line and sinker, and it is up to us to provide the counter weight.

Auntie is here and wants a word.

Harriet Tubman: Now chile, you jes cain't let your guard down – and I don’t mean jes to guard against outside forces but to protect the sacred wall that encompasses yo' holy self, yo’ baby, yo;’ soul, the spark, that divine flame that lives within each one of you. If you let yo’self get too much caught up in the shenanigans of those who would destroy God’s Kingdom, then you help them to do the deed.

It is always our inner sanctum that we must treasure and defend. Too much focus on the darkness can let those folks and their evil ways into your heart and then you have more than one battle to fight, the one against the folks that claim the whole world for themselves and the one within ourselves that tempts us to give up the fight.

Me and John were fighters, and we fought the outside enemy, but what sustained us, what allowed us to continue the fight was that holy spark, the Jesus Christ within, the angels at our shoulders and the god that had our back. They helped us keep our inner citadel inviolate and that’s what they will do for you if you let them.

So’s you gots to stop looking at those evil beacons them Pharisees been flashin’ around trying to get yo’ attention and focus instead on yo’ God-given reason for being on this planet. That’s the only thing that will save you and let you hold the line in your own heart.

John: Comrades in arms. That’s what we all are, every day and every way.

Harriet: That’s right, John. We can do good or whine about someone else’s evil doin's. Ever' one of you know what to do. You can see the good in front of you if you look. That’s where to keep yo' eyes and then put yo’ heart and back behind it.

John: How do you think we survived the horrors of war? We had to find that center or we would have perished. My friends, you are entering a new phase of the eternal holy war, and this is where you must stand up to be counted. Find your own good, what you can offer and then nourish that. Turn your gaze away from the sights of destruction, do not listen to those who peddle fear and craziness. And then go and do otherwise.

Harriet: Me and John, we done been there. We can help you, us and all the angels and helpers that surround each one of you. Keep yo' eyes on us, on the holy ground in front of you and God's Great Light above you. That light is always shining. That’s how we win.

August 5, 2023

Rune: Ehwaz, , the twin gods, spirit horse and human on the journey between worlds.

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Anestiev.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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1 Comment

Aug 05, 2023

Indeed, to hold steadfastly front and center, what is divine while addressing, without fear but in strength, that which is not, is of import, value, merit and worth.

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