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Ann Albers: Freedom From The External, A Message From The Angels

Ann Arbers channeled the following from her angel guides for her newsletter this week.* I found it extraordinarily helpful.

Message From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is upon your planet a great deal of fear right now, as the world slowly realizes that no amount of attempting to control others can guarantee your happiness, your safety, or your abundance. After centuries of attempting to control the external, it is time upon your earth when you are beginning to realize where your true power lies.

How is it some people sail through tough financial times with abundance? How does one person stay home and avoid a shooting while another is present for the incident? How is it that one person has freedom in their body while millions of others feel bondage?

The answer is, was, and always will be this – your vibration is 100% behind what you attract or allow into your life. Your thoughts create your feelings which are also recipes for chemical cocktails in the body. The chemistry of your cells creates different energetic emissions and you send out a signal as clear as a phone dialing a number, thus becoming a receiver to all else that matches your signal.

You came into this life knowing that you were free to create, regardless of the external situations or circumstances. You came in knowing that you could select from the buffet of life and focus on with great anticipation, what you desire. You knew these thoughts of anticipation would create feelings of delight, and these would create a chemistry in the body that in turn emits energies that "dial you in" to the reality you wish to create. You had no illusion before birth that you were at the mercy of the external. You knew you were free.

Here upon the earth, however, after centuries of conditioning that has been passed down, you have been brainwashed, trained, and indoctrinated in a belief system that you are at the mercy of the external. This will forever leave you fearful, unsatisfied, and angry. This notion that you are controlled causes great chaos in your hearts because in your depth, you KNOW you are vibrational tuners. Your soul knows that you are free.

When your human thoughts and beliefs beliefs are in disagreement with what your soul and the Divine know to be true, you feel bad. When your human thoughts and beliefs are in agreement with what your soul and the Divine know to be true, you feel fantastic. Usually, you have a mixture going on within you – agreeing with your soul on some topics and disagreeing on others.

For example, when you think of someone or something you love, you are in pure agreement with your soul who sees all things and beings as worthy of love. Love feels fantastic! Whether you are loving a person, a piece of chocolate, or a beautiful flower, in that moment of pure, unconditional love, you and the Divine are 100% aligned. You feel great!

Likewise when you feel free to choose your thoughts, feelings, vibration, and therefore reality you feel empowered. You feel good. You and the Divine are 100% aligned. If you allow yourself to ponder the miracle of you, you and the Divine are 100% aligned.

To the contrary, when you feel limited or bound by the actions or choices of others, you feel unrest, anger, or frustration. You are fighting with what your soul knows to be true. You are fighting love. You are fighting and arguing against your soul's knowledge of its own freedom, and you don't feel so good about this. Likewise, when someone misbehaves and you are unable to focus on something else, or the goodness beneath the bad behavior, you feel bad. Your soul and the Divine are always in love with all souls, always focused on who they really are, always empowering only the love within them, no matter how buried beneath bad behaviors.

Sometimes, dear ones, we understand, that you feel it is difficult to align with deep unconditional love. Nonetheless, you can always choose to love yourself and focus on something or someone better. You can focus on what you want, rather than what you feel another is robbing you of. You can focus on the things, people, solutions, situations, and outcomes that feel good. You do not have to feel good about bad behaviors. You simply have to take your focus and point it on something that does feel better, because then, you and your soul and the Divine are aligned. In that reality, you feel good. You feel God. You are moving towards all that you desire.

While some would say we are advocating a denial of "reality," our truth is that we are advocating a focus on the real reality that lies beneath what you call "reality". We are advocating for a focus on love, a focus on the goodness beneath all things, beings, and situations. We are advocating that you take your tuner and aim it at something which feels like love so you and the Divine can be aligned, and you can experience the love, safety, security, freedom, joy, and abundance that you came to experience.

Dear ones, don't give your power to the external. There are many who would willingly take it. The insecure want you to believe they have power over you because they are not connected with their true power. Don't buy into their stories. The wounded ones want you to believe they can hurt you so you'll keep them company in their misery. Don't go there. There are countless things in the world going on, where those who are not aligned with their soul and the Divine want you to believe that you are as powerless as they feel, but you are anything but powerless.

When you know how to aim your thoughts at things that feel good, you begin to control your very chemistry, your energy, and all that you attract or allow into your life. Dear ones, you are powerful. Don't let the world convince you that you are anything less. Don't let the world convince you that you are not free. Don't let the world talk you into feelings of insecurity, lack, and disorder. You are so much more than that and a peaceful, abundant, harmonious reality is yours to focus upon and thereby to experience. In so doing, in allowing yourself this beauty and grace, you become a light for the world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

July 9, 2022

Messages from Ann & the Angels - 07/09/2022 •

Feeling Fine Aligned with the Divine!

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Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Jul 11, 2022

We have been followers of Abraham for many years now and this message is !00% consistent with their message. SO resonant and reassuring!


Jul 10, 2022

Thank you for this Ann. Ann Albers is amazing. I'm a big fan. And wow, what a message! Much Love to both Anns 😊💙💜

Jul 10, 2022
Replying to

And, now, I am also a fan of Ms Albers...sincerest thanks.

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