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Ansuz to Odin: Rune Guidance, Richard Burton

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Trust, love, is the key.

Not blind trust but trust with eyes, ears and all senses wide open to the true discernment that Spirit offers you.

I want to talk to you about rune casting because I have had a remarkable three days of guided guidance – for lack of a better phrase - and thought perhaps it might be helpful to see how Spirit can work in our lives through such a simple tool as rune casting. For those of you not familiar with runes, please see the post with Richard below dated October 10, 2019 and also the Contact page for more about rune casting and readings. Basically runes are stones with staves from an ancient Germanic alphabet which, when pulled with a question in mind can provide out-of-this-world and unbelievably accurate guidance as I received here.

On Thursday (Thor’s Day) I pulled Thurisaz, Disruption, Pain, Illumination. The meditation that I received on Thurisaz is in the previous post. Later that day I received notice that one of the boarders in our barn would be leaving, thus creating a significant drop in income which, when combined with other circumstances, could be the straw that threatens the future of our farm.

On Friday, I did not meditate or pull a rune, spent the day trying to accept, not freak out, and convince myself that I was not in a low-grade state of panic.

Did not sleep much Friday night and woke Saturday (Saturn's day) feeling presences around me pushing me to cast the runes and meditate. I reached into the bag of runes asking that I be given guidance about this change. Two runes seemed to stick to my fingers: first, Ansuz, Breath, Creation, the Messenger, and then, Odin, the Blank Rune, Total Trust. They are pictured above and are read from right to left. My body was vibrating with a pulsing light around my head concentrating on the right side which usually means someone wants to talk to me. It was Richard.

First he said, meditate, which I did, breathing in “Message,” breathing out “Fear,” breathing in “Trust,” breathing out “Fear.” Then I asked for guidance and received the following:

Richard Burton: Richard, here, love. Bet you didn’t think that would happen, did you? When Spirit answers our prayers so directly, spoken or un, it is somehow more of a shock that when we refuse to hear and find ourselves wallowing in our customary fears. I think you understand on a gut level the significance of this inspired rune pull because, let’s face it, it’s pretty obvious, but, for what it’s worth, here are my two cents:

You are in a time of radical change in your life and, though you are ostensibly open to guidance, at your core you are clinging to the status quo. The changes that are coming are not really foreseeable in their particulars but may very possibly be radical in effect. You can cling and shuck and jive and dodge to try to reconstruct over dead embers a structure which has already burned to the ground. Or you can open you heart to trust in Spirit, waiting, watching, receiving - and then acting only when the way is clear, taking steps which, when shrouded in fear, you would never have seen as a possibility before.

You have a new way of life, and with it may come uncomfortable changes which challenge your insecurities but, when accommodated, will allow you a lifestyle more fully devoted to spirit, to teaching through your not-always-enlightened example of how these changes can come about if they are allowed rent room in your being.

You may then find that your internal structure will change, perhaps even without your notice, and allow you to free yourself from fears which have tethered you in the past. Trust, love, is the key. Not blind trust but trust with eyes, ears and all senses wide open to the true discernment that Spirit offers you. Spirit does not offer pie-in-the- sky pabulum but rather asks you to welcome opportunities to move your life in its attuned direction. You have help. Ask for it, and then let yourself receive it. This is a blessed time.

November 16, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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