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Archangel Gabriel: Look Where You Are Going

When my kids where growing up, they determined that I should learn to ride a bike. I tried, but I kept running into parked cars. Turned out, I wasn't looking where I wanted to go...

Ann: Would one of you want to speak to me about this?

Archangel Gabriel: Yes, there are many here who know the efficacy of such a program. I will take point.

I am Gabriel, Angel of Light. I come to you in times when vision is fading. It is my job to provide the light necessary for you to reestablish your balance, your center, your direction, and your faith in the fullness of the prophesies of Christ and the Way of Great Spirit. While it may not seem like it at present, the Lion will in fact lie down with the Lamb. This is the vision to hold.

Ann: Sorry, but it doesn’t fit with, not only the present crisis, but the pattern of world history of war after war after war ad infinitum.

Gabriel: So it may seem, and yet I bid you look where you want to go, not into the pit of misery that results from clouded vision. You speak from the perspective of the tunnel vision of the Earth. Indeed we understand how such may be sealed off into the narrow focus of world events with the cruelty before you currently ratified by various elements of your own societies.

Nevertheless, that is not all there is. The direction of your vision determines where you will go. In darkest times, lift your eyes above, up to the sky if that is all you have, to the trees and hills if they are available, and to the mighty winds and seas that carry life of the Living God on their wings.

Ann: OK, sounds good, but just pointing out that nature if not always kind either.

Gabriel: No, nor is the cauldron that is the earth, its foundations, its evolution, and its in habitants. Nevertheless, these events do not comprise the totality of energies available to those who have made the journey to this challenging environment. Choice is still and always within your purview.

I come as always to share the vision that is to come, the vision of what is possible, the vision of who you are when your choices are made. This is a vision of light.

Fred Rogers said “Look for the helpers,” and that is where I ask you to put your focus, for in so doing you align with that energy rather than the darkness trying to spread its misinformation, to use a modern term, over the globe and into the hearts of its inhabitants.

Look where you are going, where you want to go, and where you want your loved ones to travel on their journey to the Sun. For that is the hero’s journey, out of Darkness and into Light.

March 7, 2022

Free Image Credit: PIxabay, Darkmoon_Art.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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