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Archangel Michael: Cruelty and Power

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Ann: Michael?

Archangel Michael: Yes. When cruelty is wedded to power, those on the receiving end may lose heart, seeing no way to rise above or crawl out from under the tyranny and abuse of such darkness.

And that so it may be for a period of time, but it will not long endure because those who hold the whip hand will not be able to keep their troops in order over time as said troops carry the brunt of the pain that such darkness has imposed upon them.

Always the remedy is right at hand. Generosity to those who come to your door, sharing of what you have with those who have less, and kindness to those who cross your path, no exceptions.

And if you must fight as you sometimes must, fight without anger in your heart, fight to reclaim the light that is the birthright of every sentient being on the planet. Move the darkness back into its seminal corner where it can operate as intended - as motivation, energy, inspiration, and deterrent. Turn its sword into ploughshares to seed and grow that which will nourish its people.

Containment, not revenge, strength not vindictiveness, empathy without naiveté. In this way we stay steady, creating in our own space, in our own garden that which we want to see upon the world stage.

We do not falter, we persevere. When we call upon God and his heavenly hosts, none will be able to withstand us, for we carry the bright light of truth within our souls, and those who shiver under the barren cloak of evil will come out from the cold and warm themselves at our fires.

September 8, 2021

Free Image Credit: Pixabay

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1 Comment

Sep 09, 2021

Michael, as ever, strong, powerful, a true messenger of the Divine! Thank you, Ann for this post.

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