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Archangel Michael: You Have Accepted The Invitation

I received this message today,

a powerful force not to be denied.

So I accepted

and, as instructed,

pass on to each of you

for it is offered to you also.


Ann: Michael?


Archangel Michael: Yes.  You are entering a new phase of your life journey.  Waiting, yes, but not waiting blindly. Though you cannot see the actual unfolding, you can feel its energy rising within you, attracting your attention, asking for your commitment, relying upon your inner knowledge that, in fact, you are already in partnership, your small-self in league with your larger-self in league with the Universal I Am.

          We all carry the I Am within, and yours is coming to the fore as has been prophesied from the Beginning.  This is the Age of Unfolding, of Understanding as never before experienced. 

You are not alone, Ann, neither in your guidance nor in your fellow travelers.  This is the time of expanding awareness.  Not simply awareness of the forces gathered against the dark but more importantly the forces of light gathering strength from within. 

We are moving toward True Enlightenment, not simply those swing and miss efforts in the historical past but which have nevertheless brought us to this point.  This time is the time of no time, the age that has always been now coming into consciousness as never before.

          And yes, there will be upheaval, armies of darkness terrified by the light they see as death but which instead reaches out to heal.  Those of you feeling its warmth can now step up, can feel the strength within your beloved souls that now allows you to claim the I Am that lives within each and every one of you.  Bring it out into the world to shelter those who yearn to feel its presence and gathering power.

          You have not imagined our presence.  You have not been tricked by ego into thinking you are a seer.  You are simply allowing your True Self to emerge, yes, ever so slowly, but fast enough so that you can catch up if you try. 

You have been given time to assimilate.  You have been granted the brilliance of creation within your own being to light the way wherever it may take you.  You have accepted the invitation, and there will be no going back. 

You cannot unsee what has been seen and you have seen, not just with your eyes but with your whole being the reality of The Loving Force which powers the multiverse down to the infinitesimal atoms that make up your being and each and every iteration of energy upon the planet.

          You have no need or ability to direct its force or trajectory.  Yours is to wait, to be prepared to accept each and every invitation offered.  For this you need stillness and an open heart. 

Say yes and feel the smile come to your face and engulf your being.  Your worth, your gifts, your very existence is validated by the Love for that holds you in dynamic suspension. 

You were born for this, each and every one of you.

March 21, 2024

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 

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4 комментария

21 мар.

Brilliant and heartwarming!! Thank you both 😊🌈☮


21 мар.

Thank you Ann for sharing this. I wanted to come on quickly and show support and as part of army “listeners” to build this light force. :)

Been meaning to come on here last few months as really heard the messages from Acturians and Miriam, and now St Michael, as been battling light and dark fears in myself last while, and Miriam’s mention of finding your unique ways and strategy to help yourself living with the light energy vibrant and aligned in order to keep going, so so helpful and really being reminded it’s a daily practice big or small, but you’re really helping us as we all have to navigate down here while overcoming our struggles and lessons too!…

Emerald Green
Emerald Green
22 мар.
Ответ пользователю

I’ve been feeling the same struggles and very fortunate to be a part of this community with it’s encouraging messages!


21 мар.


Absolutely Excellent.

Bring it.

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