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Mary Magdalene: Epiphany Can Come With Trauma

Miriam: Extreme duress can sometimes jump start a conversion, a turning, a change of direction in your life, a change whereby you turn toward the light of Spirit where before fear held you back.

Recall your most profound experiences. What has graced your consciousness and gripped your mind and spirit such that it could not be forgotten? Sometimes traumatic, but not always, these events are given to us to mark a crossroads, an opportunity to turn on the high beams and see more clearly into the distance, to allow the senses to feel the opportunity in the air around us.

When Jesus turned away from all of us and traveled into Jerusalem with the sure and certain knowledge of his inevitable ending, fear gripped all of us who loved him. We believed in his eternal spirit, but we were paralyzed at the thought of losing his physical presence in our lives. At that moment we could not see what was offered.

This paralysis often grips those who watch in slow motion a climactic even approaching. We are gripped by our powerlessness and yet cannot avert our gaze. We often forget to open our senses to the very message such events impart. Jesus was trying to tell us then and continues to tell us now that we do not die, that life is eternal, expanding, and loving.

So when you are confronted with an inevitable and perhaps terrifying crossroads, remember to look up, to ask for companionship and succour because these are at hand upon request. I see Archangel Michael here smiling.

Archangel Michael: Yes, Miriam, I live to serve those in trouble, to lift trouble away from them or lift their spirits away from trouble. Either is the work of the unquenchable love of Source, and it is my greatest pleasure to offer this to those who ask.

Some of you have said, “Why must we ask? Why can’t we have a standing request? Don’t you know when we need help?”

Why, yes, we do, but your soul needs to buy in. We must form a partnership to work together to lift you to the next level of understanding. Or sometimes, in times of trauma and severe distress, to help you leapfrog over all the objections that may have prevented you from accepting Spirit’s love.

It is with your request that a pact is made and a partnership formed with Spirit so that we can work together to aid you on the mission you have undertaken on this planet.

Miriam: It is with that joining, when all peripheral concerns have fallen away that Eihwaz,* Yggdrasil, the yew tree of life takes over, that the conscious connection between of heaven and earth is achieved as a part of a living organism. Light then shines on the wheel of creation that each of undertakes on this planet, its beginning, middle, and end.

Though you may not remember the specifics, your heart will be lighter even if your earthly burdens increase, for you will know, truly know that you are loved.

September 22, 2022

Eihwaz, ᛇ, the Yew, Yggdrasil, the source of light and life.

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia Images, Darkness to Light (6070584905).jpg Showing the contrast between the inside and outside lighting at the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Emerald Green
Emerald Green
Sep 23, 2022

I definitely understand the meaning of Archangel Michael‘s message. I’ve leaned on him in a significant way for several months and always feel amazed by my answered pleas in both minor and major ways. it’s especially nurturing when prayers are answered in ways that surprise me and ways I would never imagine. Thanks Ann!

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