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Archangel Michael: Jon Katz’s Angel

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The Kabbalah as quoted by Jon Katz on his blog, “Bedlam Farm Journal:”

Understanding how angels influence and affect our lives is imperative to spiritual growth. They are ever-present tools for transformation – we need only ask for their assistance. Whether or not you are conscious of them or accept them, angels will continue to influence your life and the lives of those around you. However, being aware of their existence gives us the opportunity to create joy and fulfillment in our lives and resist chaos.

There are both positive and negative angels at work all around us. Which angels you attract depends upon your actions. According to The Zohar, when you hurt someone, break trust or act cruelly, you beckon destructive angels in your life. Conversely, when you share openly and commit acts of loving-kindness, you attract positive angels and Light. Therefore, you are directly responsible for the angelic forces influencing your life.

If you have not yet come across Jon Katz’s “Bedlam Farm Journal” blog, I highly recommend it. In his piece today on angels, he refers to the little angel in the picture that he picked up as it was about to be discarded and how it continues to affect his life. His faith in angels touched me, and I asked Archangel Michael to talk to me about angels. Unlike my psychic friend Anita Sacco (, I can’t see them. But perhaps we don’t need to as Michael suggests….

Archangel Michael:

Ann: Michael, are you there, can you talk to me?

Michael: I am always here when requested. I “hover,” as you have been wont to say, for lack of a better word, waiting to be invited to reach down to help. I have the power, as Jon has said, to intervene for the better - but only when invited. Do not worry that you do not see me. Everyone has different experiences of angels. Sometimes it is a just a breeze, a random piece of paper, a touch, a flash of light, a refreshing scent or hint of music. What is important is that we be received when that happens you. Begin to have confidence that we are there for your betterment and protection. You can shut us out, as I think you may well know, but we are persistent!

I would like to ask those of you reading this and you too, my little transcriber, to close your eyes and feel the space around you. Notice that it is not all the same. It moves differently on one side of your head perhaps, or perhaps you feel a column of air at your back. Maybe you actually see a figure. We don’t all have wings you know! Sometime your angels comes in a form that you least expect but which is perfectly tailored to your needs once you have a chance to think of it. Lean into this space, smile to meet your angel. Ask, if you are so inclined, why the angel has come to help you. Or just revel in the knowledge that you are protected. Then the next time you are in fear, swamped by anxiety, or plagued with doubts, ask for your angel to return, and you may find that we have never left you.

We provide a buffer and protection for mortals against the heavier atmosphere and darker forces that sometime creep through natural human barriers, sometimes even with the permission, albeit unknowing, of the human in question! Not to worry, just call on us, remember the experience you are having here with me, and you will be restored to center to continue on with the human adventure.

October 11, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Nov 15, 2020

Glad you found this one, Amy, I had forgotten about it. Thanks!


Amy David
Amy David
Nov 15, 2020

Really nice. this information is so helpful and reassuring to me. I wish I had known this when my kids were little because we could have really enjoyed playing with the angels. I have missed out in so much not knowing these things. Life is more fun now. it is a whole different approach to,life. Inspiring and comforting and more fun.

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