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Archangel Michael: Light Behind Darkness

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

I pulled three runes* prior to this reading after listening to Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot:**

Overview: Hagalaz, hail, destruction carrying the seed of regeneration.

Challenge: Isa, stand still, center yourself.

Action: Raido, Rider and horse, partners in ascension.

Archangel Michael: Thank you, Ann, for the invitation to this space.

We, spirit and human, have much to accomplish. Hagalaz, hail, destruction but carrying the seed that germinates the world of tomorrow, challenged by Isa, the need to stand still, to collect ourselves for the long journey, the ride, Raido, which in partnership lifts this world out of its limited dimension.

We are in the middle of a fight, a storm and cannot see to the edges. Therefore, we must depend upon faith, but not blind faith, faith grounded in experience that our lives have been guided, faith that when in extremis, we have received learning and light for the future.

We must accept our blindness now and cleave to our central column, the Isa force of gravity within our souls that keeps us intact upon this planet. We must not panic nor give up in despair. We must keep on the path that was given to each one of us.

Set fear, bitterness, and despair aside. Look neither to the left nor the right and keep your eyes on the star of Bethlehem that guided the wise men, the shepherds and indeed many others to the birth of the new world so long ago, for it is in the sky tonight though well beyond reach of human eyes.

Go back to that time, find the purity that has been lost, purity that shone through the life of Jesus Christ. Not a perfect man, not a saint, but an old and wise soul layered with learning and experience, and born, as we all are, of the love of our Creator, Yggdrasil, the fountain, the tree of sacred energy.

Do not try to emulate another, but find that purity within your own soul. It is there, I promise you.

Call on me, call on Jesus, call on those guides who have your best interests at heart. We will not fail you in this time of shuttered vision. We see what you cannot, and that is the irrefutable light and energy that powers creation in an upward spiral.

So what if you are on the dark side of the spiral for the present? That will change and with it the purity of the brilliant light of dawning consciousness

Let us walk with you, and together we will keep the faith.

August 7, 2021

*Runes, to be read from right to left:

Hagalaz, Isa, Raido

**Astrology and Tarot: 8/8 Lionsgate...making sense of adversity.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Aug 09, 2021

Thank you again for reaffirming that our faith IS based on when we experienced and saw good and love around and little miracles! For some reason I felt a good natured "snap out of it!" inside me!


Aug 07, 2021

I really needed to hear this message from Archangel Michael💙🙏💙 Thank you💙


BJ Stewart
BJ Stewart
Aug 07, 2021

Lovely, inspiring message. Thanks Archangel Michael and Ann, for much needed encouragement.

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